Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Texture Thursday

Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by for Texture Thursday. If this is your first visit Welcome!
The purpose of Texture Thursday is to look for texture in things that you wouldn't normally think twice about and then turn that into art by either adding texture to it or photographing some type of texture in a new way.
This week Wyatt and I went to the parkway which was sooo needed. I have been in this non taking picture mood but that lifted my spirits and inspired me. thank goodness...
The day was so pretty and the light was fantastic! that when I looked up as we cooled off under a tree I saw this...
and it was quite a sight.
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  1. Hi Audrey,
    I've seen this linky for a couple of weeks and thought I'd jump in today. I've only begun using textures so I'm looking forward to this each week.
    Love the tree bark, the beautiful bokeh and the poem!

  2. It's my first time to join Texture Thursday.

    I love the photo and everything about it.

  3. Great shot! Being outside always inspires me!

  4. Love the texture in the bark of the tree!

  5. Love it. Gorgeous!

  6. I could use a dose of that inspiration - sometimes I walk outside and feel dull...That can't be right. I'm a photographer! Come on now!

  7. Love that texture. I might join next time...

  8. Gorgeous! I love what nature has to offer us!

  9. This was my first time with Texture Thursday...thanks for the link and kind comment. Have a great night.


  10. Beautiful shot....great saying! I hate it when I get in a photo slump! So glad you found some inspiration.


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