Saturday, June 11, 2011

I was that mom.

This morning I woke up from a nightmare. I dreamt that I was at an outdoor concert with our friends. Cody (the hubby) was off doing something with Wyatt and I was under this picnic area with Sherri just talking about life when all of a sudden we heard this huge plane pass over head.
I looked up and saw 4 big bombs attached to it. I instantly knew that it was going to drop them on us. I panic and screamed for Wyatt while everyone else continued to enjoy the music. I knew I only had a small window to find Cody and Wyatt.As I ran looking for them I kept getting blocked by the people. I screamed even louder "Wyatt where is Wyatt!"
I found Cody empty handed and Wyatt no where to be found. I looked at him like "what the hell did you do with my son" and then proceeded to ask him where Wyatt was. He looked at me like I was a mad women. "Wyatt?" he said "Who's Wyatt?" Right as he said that the plane dropped the bombs. The last thing I remember I was running towards a little blonde boy with my arms wide open screaming Wyatt's name.
swimming3 swimming4swimming2swimming5
I woke up hysterically crying. It was 10am Cody was already at work and Wyatt was snuggled up next to me. I knew that I had to get out of the house and spend time with Wyatt today. I forgot about the huge amount of edits I needed to get done. I didn't care that the house was a mess and I turned my phone off.
I packed a bag with treats, drinks, my camera and got our recently washed swim suites out of the dryer and rushed Wyatt into his and I carefully placed mine over my sunburnt arms (that I got from the dam trip that I never blogged about. opps.) Our breakfast was snacks in the car as I drove to the aquatic center.
Wyatt is a little scared of the water so on the way there as he ate I talked about being brave and how a pool is just like the bath tub but in the back of my mind I knew it would be a struggle and I would be THAT mom. The mom who has that panic stricken hysterically crying child but makes them go in anyway mom and I was.
I carried Wyatt into the pool with me as he was so wonderfully crying and clinging onto me. I didn't look up to see what people where doing I just I had a plan. HE was going to get into this pool and he was going to like it.
10, 20 minutes later after I kept showing him how cool the water was when it splashed he finally stopped crying. Looked at me in the face and laughed. 
Relieved I kept at it moving him unsuspectingly deeper and deeper in the water. There were no more tears, no more screams. It was just me and him in that pool. We laughed, sang songs, he talked randomly to me about things that still tonight I have no idea what it was and for 2 hours I left my camera in its bag and was there with him.
The only reason why we got out was because at 1, 3, and 5 the pool management makes everyone get out to check the pool for safety (or I think poop.)
As we got out we sat at a table and laughed. He told me how he was brave and I agreed. He ate more snacks and I smiled more then I ever have. I was so proud. Here was my son who over came something that was hard for him. He did it was so much grace (besides that 10-20min fit.) He listen to what I had to say and he trusted me. He allowed me to take him into that deep water even though he was so afraid of it and he even let go of my hands while we were in there and played. Played with no fear.swimming21
As the management finished and allowed us to go back in I asked Wyatt. Do you want to go home or stay? Thinking he'd say go home I packed up the bag and started to put my shirt back on. But he said "no mommy me brave me stay and play." which we did.
Did he cry when we went back in? No he bravely walked in by himself and even went into the "deep" part because all it takes to get over something is courage and support.
I strongly believe that Wyatt learned that today and even though he is 2 he will take this lesson I taught with him the rest of his life.

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  1. I loved this post!! Amazing pictures, so bright and great water shots! Your son Wyatt is the most handsome little guy ever! And the lesson? Priceless. He is so blessed to have such a loving mama that knows the value of spending time in the moment with him.

    Have a wonderful weekend!~

  2. WHat a scary dream - but I love the way you worked it out!

  3. Great story and great pictures!

  4. Whoa! Scary dream Audrey!!! You got some amazing shots at the aquatic center! Wyatt is so adorable :)

  5. We love and cherish our kids so much that dreams like that can be pretty common..we are afraid to lose what's most precious to us. He sure is a cutie! Love your pictures!

  6. Wonderful photos and memories. Thanks for linking up with OLW Captured this week!

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one with those crazy dreams. But they often times do remind us of the important things in our life. My little man has a bit of a water phobia. Still. And he's 11. You did the perfect things and so glad he ended in smiles. Your shots are all so amazing. And I'm not sure I could pick just one fav- but the spray shots are really cool. Thanks so much for linkin up to our Crazy Days of Summer!

  8. Very nice aquatic pictures. What a scary dream.

  9. scary dream! LOVE the water fountain pictures! Wyatt is adorable!

  10. scary dream......
    really great post!
    Love your photography!

  11. Your post almost had me in tears. I deeply hate those dreams. I have woken up in tears with murder on my mind because of things I have dreamed about.
    Yea for Wyatt for overcoming his fears. We should all be so brave.

  12. It's amazing how a scary dream can make you appreciate all the good things in life.

    Looks like you and your son had a wonderful day!

  13. what an awful dream...but these pics are amazing!

  14. This is such an amazing post!!!! And he is such a precious and CUTE lil boy!!!! are a lucky momma. Sorry you had a frightening dream, but I am glad it brought you back to REAL life!!!! That's the bestest.

  15. This is such an amazing post!!!! And he is such a precious and CUTE lil boy!!!! are a lucky momma. Sorry you had a frightening dream, but I am glad it brought you back to REAL life!!!! That's the bestest.

  16. Whoa! Scary dream Audrey!!! You got some amazing shots at the aquatic center! Wyatt is so adorable :)


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