Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The forgotten Disneyland pictures.

Last October we went on our first family vacation and it was the most amazing trip I ever been on. We first went to San Diego and I fell in love, IN LOVE people, with the city. That I didn't want to leave. But we also went to Disneyland and I never got around to blogging about it until now.


We spent 3 days in Disneyland with our good friends and it was completely amazing. Wyatt was amazed, Cody was amazed, I was amazed and they were amazed.


We met all the characters, We went on every ride, We dressed up and trick or treated in Disneyland, We got a ton, a TON of candy, It rained but we didn't care, We were there from open until close and can I say, they have the most amazing fireworks EVER! I was astonished by them.


Wyatt still talks about how much fun we had and I cant wait until we go again.


For our first family vacation it was completely amazing.

Join me


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  1. Oh my gosh how FUN! I still remember when my family went to Disney World Fla. back when I was...nine maybe? It was AMAZING, and I totally can't wait to be able to take my girls! Looks like you arrived for the only rainy days San Diego sees!

  2. Amazing photos! I can tell how much fun you had just by looking at them :) I still have vacation photos from last year I haven't got around to blogging yet either, lol

  3. Great pictures!!! It looks like yall had a wonderful time.  I have been to Disney World but not Disney Land, which looks so different! I really want to visit California, especially after reading this :) 

  4. Great pics! I love the merry go round picture, it's perfect! What a great trip! I can't wait to take my little guy. Daddy has never been either. It'll be a great experience for all1

  5. I love Disney! great photos of your trip.

  6. as always, awesome pictures!!

    i've been following your blog for a while and i have picked you to earn a Versatile Blogger award :)  go check it out:http://crazymomma-randompandemonium.blogspot.com/2012/01/im-versatile.html

  7. Ahh! What's the deal with Disneyland and rain?! When we went it was raining, too! Y'all seem like much better sports about it, though ;)

  8. Good thing they were found. Seriously fun shots, rain and all! Happy WW!

  9. Wonderful pictures. What fun.

  10. WOW. In some of those pictures it looks like you're the only family there! That's the best way to do Disney! I love both Disney World and Disneyland. So glad you had a wonderful time! :)

  11. It's a totally different kind of magic, but it's awesome just the same. :)


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