Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sponsor us in February!

PhotobucketHere are my latest stats:

- 6,506+ monthly page views
- 6,300+ monthly visits
- 3,500+ monthly unique visitors
- 332+ subscribe to my Google Feed burner
- 297+ followers through Google Friend Connect
- 146+ Twitter followers
- 128+ Facebook "fans"
- 146+ Pinterest followers

more info:



***The large size is reserved for paying customers only***

they will receive two post dedicated solely to them. one at the start of the month and one at the end.

  • All other sizes will get one highlighted group post at the end of the month.

**Hey I would love to start offering giveaways but only if its a good fit with my blog so let’s see if your product works!**

***NOTICE:  I will only be accepting payments through PayPal and it must be received before your featured on my blog. . The advertising rates and buttons sizes may be subject to change as my readership continues to grow on a monthly basis. ***

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