Monday, July 22, 2013

Today is the day people.

It is, it is the day I start my nesting adventure. My mother is coming over. The storage shed that has not been open for a year will be opened to reveal all the things we saved for almost 5 years from when Wyatt was little that we will dig through to make sure that we can actually use them for Gunner. I am sure I will be bringing up baby memories of Wyatt with each little outfit I sort through I feel that I might just cry.

I will be hanging pictures this week, putting a crib up and well I will actually start acting like this new baby will be coming. I will also be figuring out the last details of the little baby shower I am throwing for myself. Well it will be more of a Gunner celebration because I feel like it is only fair that Gunner gets his own celebration of his arrival since Wyatt had one too. Plus, I think it will help Wyatt with the idea of his brothers arrival.

Yesterday on my first day of the I don’t work for a week so lets do nothing but play on Pinterest day I found some prints of inspiration for Gunner’s little cowboyish theme of a room. Here are some links to those prints I will be using.  *click the picture for the source.


Cowboy Printi love this color combination. and any little cowboy reminds me of my little brother, who would rock the cowboy boots...and not much else, for many of his early years.

Helen Doodle - How to be a Cowboy - art prints and posters

Ostrich in Cowboy Boots - Giclee PrintCowboy Cat print. John Keddie.

And can I say that I am beyond excited to get this room together that I actually cried yesterday to my husband because I just realized that I will be have a baby less then 8 weeks. I seriously had a mini panic attack that I would not be ready and that everything that this nursery represents will determine the readiness I will be able to handle with 2 kids. So it must MUST be done by the end of this week because I have no time… or least I think I don’t.

So here’s to hoping that I can get what I need done and here’s to hoping that it will turn out the why I envision.

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