Saturday, March 5, 2011

365 days in pictures

Hi! sorry this is up a little late. Last night we went out on the town people! wohooo... okay maybe we didn't go all crazy but we did meet up with some friends for a very late dinner.  It was so late that her little boy fell asleep at the table. It was too cute.

Also... did you see that I won the movement challenge over on  The Paper Mama's blog!! YAY! thank you!! and now she is having a vote off for last months photos... and Two of mine are in it! WOW!! Thanks again! soooo please please go HERE to vote for one of them! Thanks ;)

and then lastly Texture Thursday is still up and running since it was the first one I am keeping it open until late Sunday sooo if you haven't linked up yet do!

okay now for my pictures this week:



Just like daddy. Wyatt is wearing his shoes and glasses and looks just like him.



We still had snow this week. ugh... I really hate snow.



I know I know your thinking what another one of his eye lashes... But I just cant help my self. I swear no more... okay I cant swear that but I will try not too. ;)



This photo I snapped quickly through the window when we were on a "train date"



Then bam the sun came out and so we went to The park.



This is just a random shot I took when we were on our way out.



Then yesterday we went out side and watched for air planes. More photos of that day soon.


okay so for the Top 5 this week... It was very very hard to choose them... we had a ton of great photos in the Flickr Group so I tried to pick the ones that really stood out this week:

Blue Bubble

Day 19/365

WOW WOW WOW! I am in love with this photo and I totally want to try it!

SKC Photography

060/365 Chain of Bokeh

Wow! right? how awesome is this! Love everything about this photo.

Liza Lit


I love how soft this photo is and the colors are just great.

Now I know

March 2011 007numbered

I love how only a few things are in focus and the colors are just wonderful.

Find your happiness


I love that its in b&w it turned an everyday thing into something so beautiful.


Good job guys! Grab your button below.

The Daily Wyatt

And the Feburay Vote Off for the # 1 photo will be up soon!


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  1. Love them all, especially that barn photo. Great photos.

  2. I think I would hate snow too if it were still around in March! I love those eyelashes. I can see why you take so many photo of them.

  3. I love the eyelash picture and that silhouette shot is amazing.

  4. Yahooo... a late night out is fun every once in a while :D I adore all of your shots. Keep those eyelash ones coming!

  5. You are so talented. Beautiful photos! Found ya through linkups!

  6. I love, love, love the picture of Wyatt in his daddy's shoes and glasses.

  7. Hi!
    Great snapshots. I love that first one. He's so adorable. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  8. Ok I am totally in love with the sky pic with the airplane. Were you on the ground shooting up? That is my FAV for the week!!! Show me on wise one!!! :) Have a blessed weekend!! Hugs

  9. Love your photos! The last one--watching for airplanes--is amazing!

  10. Yes your little guy has amazing eyelashes! I love day 56 though. So cute!

  11. I love 57 and 59! Very great photos. And thank you for picking mine for Top 5 this week!

  12. Ah, that first picture is TOO CUTE! So adorable!! And I really love the processing on it. All your pics are awesome this week! :)

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  13. I just adore that first photo! Cutest thing I've seen all week!

  14. Oh my goodness, his eyelashes are beautiful, like amazingly so! My little girl has eyelashes like that as well, I wish I could capture a picture of them as well as you did!

  15. Oh my goodness, his eyelashes are beautiful, like amazingly so! My little girl has eyelashes like that as well, I wish I could capture a picture of them as well as you did!


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