Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I was just doing what I thought was best.


2 nights ago Wyatt woke up at 3 in the morning screaming. I knew at that moment he was sick.

Great I thought.

I hate having a sick child. Its seriously the worse thing about being a mother because not only are you up at all hours of the night wiping runny noses and cleaning up throw up or holding a child who has a fever over a 100 but not being able to take that pain away from your child is an awful feeling.

You feel helpless.

When Wyatt's sick I tend to worry more then I ever do. I think the worse things possible.

Did I give him the right medicine?

Was it to much?

What do I do if…?

Is he going to have some type of sickness that he will die in the middle of the night from? and I wont be there for him?

Now I know that's a bit dramatic but I seriously think all those things and more. I check on him multiply times in the middle of the night just to make sure that he is still in fact breathing.

Last night around midnight Wyatt woke up ready for his next dose of Tylenol as when I went in there he was hot to the touch (more than he has been all day.) So I took his temperature… it said his temp was 106.00! With out hesitation I screamed at Cody that we needed to go to the ER.

Cody being “money minded” told me to take his temp again and that we should wait and try to cool him down with nice wet rags.

This is very sensible but I didn't hear one word of it. All I thought was “Stop trying to SAVE money! His temperature is too high WE NEED TO GO NOW!” so I disagreed with him and made him take us to the ER.

Now of course we get there and they take his temp and say that he is only at 101. Which made me feel like an idiot. Why did my thermometer tell me other wise? then doctor then proceeded to treat me like I was stupid and explained when I should be worried and when not too.

I KNOW THIS!! I KNOW THAT A FEVER IS JUST INDICATING THAT HE HAS AN INFECTION!!! but I also know that if it gets to high that it can cause damages. That's why when I read his temp and it said it was 106 I came in!!!!!! UGH!

AS I look over to Cody when the doctor left to get us some ear infection meds and he had this look on his face of “I TOLD YOU SO.” which made me feel even worse.

I think the reason why I panicked was when Wyatt was 2 months old he had a fever of 101 for a couple of days and when I finally (AFTER WAITING MIND YOU!!) took him into to see his doctor which then he immediately checked him into the hospital. He was there for 4 days for a HIGH FEVER!!!

He was poked and prodded it was awful. so I feel like I will do anything and everything to avoid this from happening to him again.

I do agree I should of listened to Cody and tried to cool his temperature down but I didn't. And yes now we will have to pay a higher amount of money for an ER visit then if I just waited a little longer and took him to see his doctor in the morning.

SORRY! I was just doing what I thought was best.

As we took Wyatt home from the ER I calmed down a little to recognize that yes I was wrong to be over dramatic and yes I should of did what Cody suggested and have a learned from this? yes but will I not panic if it happens again? I can not promise anything.

I guess I can only try not to next time.

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