Monday, April 12, 2010



Wyatt is now beginning to use the word no. He says no to things he wants, no to things he doesn’t want, no to me, no to dad, no to every question there is.
Ugh I now hate the word no.

I hate that he is now entering into the dreaded trouble twos and I hate that I now have to do timeouts a lot more the normal which he doesn’t seem to care about.

Lately when he gets in trouble “I say you better stop that or you will go into time out. Do you want to go into time out?“

“Yeah.” He says.

“Fine.” I smirk as I put him into time out. Thinking he might regret it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAOHOHOHAHHAHAH… –do you like my evil little laugh?

When he is in time out he lays on the floor and sings or he hits his head on the wall and he plays with his shoes. He does everything but think about why he is in time out. UGH which that leads me to put him in multiply time outs.

I sometimes get so mad that he seems to enjoy timeouts that I WANT to scream in his face and threaten the worse things that I can just so he’d cry so then I know that he is upset that he is in time out. But I don’t I just continue to reset the timer until he finally sits there and GETS that he is indeed in trouble.

Then there is the dreaded attitude that comes along with the almost trouble twos. The screaming for no reason especially in public places which that then makes me stop what I’m doing and become a “mean mom.” which then of course gets me the stares.


He is also become he’s own little person and he knows how to hurt your feelings.

Last week I took on some more hours at work so didn’t get to have a lot of my days with him daddy did. when I finally had the day off and we could go do things. (which means running errands that have been put off because daddy doesn’t do them even if I’m working. Great I am now a week behind. sigh.)
When I tried to get Wyatt out of his car seat he proceeded to tell me with a little smirk on his face “Mommy NO!! daddy.” My heart broke a little there. As daddy happily took him out of the car seat I thought in my head you haven’t really seen me for days and you WANT daddy?

He is also now getting out of his bed after I put him to sleep for the night. I’m not really complaining about this because it’s really only 3 times or so that he comes out.

He will walk out and peek around the corner and proceed to sit down in the hallway where I “can’t see him.” I feel like he is saying in his head HA HA  I’m awake and you can’t see me which I find to be hilarious because when I go into the hallway to get him the look on his face is priceless.

Its shear fear. Like an oh I am in deep shit now. So I can’t help but laugh in my head as I walk him back into bed.

SIGH… Wish me luck as I enter into the dreaded trouble twos because I have a feeling that I might not survive it.

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