Monday, May 17, 2010

Sometimes there is more important things to do then dishes.

I have been putting doing these off for days.

The type of person that I am always puts FUN things before chores. Which pisses Cody off more than anything else since he’s the type of person who puts chores or in his case work before FUN.  With that being said I found any type of excuse to tell him so I can continue to put off them off.

Yesterday my excuse was…

I’ve worked the last 3 days in row.

Phh… I know I know  its not an excuse but still I got home at SIX that's difently not enough time to do them.


Now its not only the dishes that haven't been done. I have NOT cleaned the bathroom for a few days. uh… ok its pushing onto a week… but still

The laundry has been in this basket for a week and a half.


and its still in the basket as I write this…


and Wyatt’s room looks like this…


Okay so I might not be very good at being a housewife but I feel like I am an excellent mother and here’s ONE of my many reasons why…

EVERY Monday I take Wyatt to his Toddler Time/Music class at the Tree house.

This day was the first time that Wyatt followed EVERY DIRECTION with out me showing him how… I was so proud of him that I seriously had tears of joy in my eyes.

I felt like a dork wiping them away but I just couldn’t help it he literally was growing up in front of me.

I took a billion pictures and I tried to narrow them down to a few million so I’m sorry for the ridiculous amount of pictures… I just could help myself

This is Spencer and Mrs… umm… I just forgot her name at the piano at the start of the class.  025

Here’s Wyatt touching his toes during the song “head shoulders knees and toes…”030

Here’s he is counting his fingers…037


Spenser was so impressed by Wyatt that he chose him to “be an example” of how to do the “running” song 086 087

He even sat threw the WHOLE story!091

and played Ring-Around-The-Roseys with out needing to hold my hand once.093094

When it was all over he came up to me so proud that he did everything all on his own with out needed me. I truly believe that it was because I have always let him know that regardless of what's going on I will ALWAYS be just a few steps away just enough to give him the space to grow and learn all on his own and that's exactly what he did today.


So with dishes piling up at home the laundry unfolded and the bathroom a little stinky I can sit here and say that those things don't matter as much as being there for my son and allowing him to accomplish things he didn't know that he could

as I watched in awe.

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