Monday, August 2, 2010

Your not a happy kid until you get to sing in your own sandbox.

The other day Cody and I got a used sandbox from his mom. Thanks grandma! If you remember awhile ago I talked about how in apartment living you don't really have a lot of room to have a sandbox but Cody and I knew that we had to find room because Wyatt loves to dig and play in sand.

So we asked our neighboors if we could use the cubby underneath the stairs. Which they were happy to allow… (thanks guys!)

We clean the cubby out, filled up the sandbox and let Wyatt have at it…


Even miss Callie loved the idea of a this sandbox…

Here's a little video of Wyatt playing and singing in his sandbox Enjoy ;)


<------ go there to see more pictures that other “mamarazzi” take.


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  1. How special that your neighbors allowed you to put the sandbox under the stairs. Looks like he is having a grand old time. I was wondering how long the sand would stay in the sand box. I can't believe he played in it soooooo long. Hope he continues to enjoy it.


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