Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"When all else fails, take a bath."

Wyatt was playing "peek a boo" with buddy our cat the other day during bath time... When bud didn't  get the concept Wyatt  got all bummed out and had to play with his toys instead.

 tub12010 09 02_02012010 09 02_2474 2010 09 02_2476    

I like that Bud looks at me like he saying "What? I don't get it."  Silly bud.

sweetshotbutton <---- Click that picture to see more sweet shots.


  1. Great shots, love your creativety!
    That cat looks BIG...

  2. Lovely shots. So so sweet!

  3. LOL. Love your shots. So cute.

  4. What a cute series. Have a great week!

  5. Haha...too cute! :) Love the processing.

  6. Oh, this is precious. My cat likes to be in the bathroom with we are there too.

    I bet he's wanting some of that fresh water.


  7. Enjoy your Wyatt, mine is Wyatt Daily- 20 yrs old though- BTW, he loves his name- he did want to be a chris or matt in first or second grade, but after that, he was known in the whole town as just Wyatt, kinda like 'Cher" Have fune with your boy...


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