Friday, October 15, 2010

You are 2



Wyatt 013


{ Goose... Goosy... Silly Goose... Booboo...Bubba ... Wy... Wys... Mr Wyatt man }

Two Years ago I pressed my face up against yours for the first time and knew that this was the little baby boy I was meant to have. The one who would turn my life up side down make me the woman the MOM I was meant to be. Your little fingers, your little toes that blonde hair that was totally a surprise... you were and are perfect and always will be in my eyes.

The months passed and I watch you grow. I watch as you learned to roll over, to crawl, to take your first steps, to become this little boy you are now.

I remember when your little face would be squish up against my chest as you slept and I watched your little eyes flicker with the dreams you dreamed and I wonder how it would be when you would say momma for the first time and how it will be when you could walk, RUN and when you could tell me NO.

I would imagine what our days would be filled of. the laughter, the billion hugs I would force upon you that you would embrace with grace, the days filled with crayons sprawled out all over the floor, painted paper mashed all over the fridge, with the toys piled over the floor as we took the moments to sit and play pretend. I would imagine the day you would whisper I LOVE YOU MOMMA.

I would imagine the summers with you. The park trips, the swimming pool, the moments when we would bask in the sun and allow it to fill our faces with bliss.

As these things came true they become so much more that what I even imagine. My days are filled with you, my world is filled with you, my life is better because of you.

I know that you will be the man that will take the world by surprise. You will be the man who will exceed all my expectations and more.

As you turn two today know that my life is complete with you in it even in the times of tantrums, time outs, the getting into things... you are and will always be my son who made me be a mother and the one who took me as his mom first and brought more happiness to me then I even thought to be possible.
I hope on this day I can bring you all the happiness, joy, BLISS you brought to me.

I love you a ton,



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  1. Your beautifully worded post gave me the best of chills :)

  2. What a precious little blonde haired boy you have. Happy Birthday Wyatt! Your mommy loves you very much it seems. This post will be a special memory for you, I'm sure.

    Blessings and love,

  3. I love your video. He's just too adorable. The happiest of birthdays to him indeed! I'm your latest follower. So, nice to meet you. I have a new meme on Monday's, "Monday's Music Moves Me" Hope you can stop by, and check it out. It's tons of fun.

  4. Oh my gosh, what a cutie!!!!!!!!!


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