Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I sometimes sit in my bed with my mountains of blankets curled up against them as I watch as the TV lights up the room with its moving pictures and I blankly stare at the screen and allow my mind rest.


I need a brief moment of nothingness to prepare me for tomorrows duties, my two jobs, the cleaning, the mothering and being your wife.


I know I have been selfish, needing and demanding lately. I seemed to have lost my self in the last two years... my time has been taken with all the demands that I have happily accepted but these last months have been hard for me. The working the sudden passion I developed up and wanting to devour my self in it as made me loose sight of you.


I will work on showing you that I do love you... LOVE you in ways my heart can never comprehend, in ways that stir up in my soul and explode into billions of pieces which fill the heart with sudden warmth when I get quite moments with you.

Husband, I love you

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  1. Beautiful confession and fabulous captures!

  2. thanks for sharing....:) awesome shots!

    it's my first time to join! mine is up as well.
    Black & White Wednesday

    btw, have followed your blog.

  3. I know what you mean. It is hard to find time for everyone. Love your header!

  4. love your shots and as Kayce said, a beautiful confession

  5. This is fantastic, and so true. I love that you weren't too proud to write it out to your husband. I'm great at admitting my shortcomings to my kids, but when it comes to my husband, the words get stuck in my throat! :-) Really great; so honest.

  6. Great shots! Thanks for sharing something I can so relate to as well!

  7. Great shots! Thanks for sharing something I can so relate to as well!


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