Friday, January 7, 2011


Day 1, 2, 3:

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                         

Day 4, 5, 6:

SONY DSC                       nightshotcollage  SONY DSC

Finally Day 7:

SONY DSC                        

This week was filled with doubt, concerns, questions and why didnt I think of that statements. My poor husband had to reassure me more then he wanted too but I some how felt starting this that I should be a certain way meaning not taking shots of just Wyatt plus on top of that I started shooting manual for the first time ever so EVERY single Picture (besides the first two) has been shot completely in manual. EEK... scary but yet at the same time not.
I am proud to say by the end of the week I began to realize that the reason I wanted to do this project was to challenge MYSELF artistically which it did 100%
I found my self finding the light more or putting my camera on the ground and even braving the cold to get some night shots that I always wanted to do. (why I choose to do it in the coldest time of year for Utah bets me but I did it!)

So what I learned this week was to not question myself and also to check to see what my setting are on before I take a picture I had a lot of fails because of that.
Now to get to the TOP 5 photos from the Flickr Group ... (make sure you are adding yours in there or leaving me a link to your blog on the comments because I want to use the pictures of people who WILL be participating every day or as much as they can.)

Anne U

I love the perspective of those cute little pigtails I want a little girl just because of this shot.

Cliff Burns
Rig Steak House
this drew my attention immediately I love the way it was processed and I love how your looking up at it but not really all at the same time if that makes sense lol... its wonderful.

The Paper Mama
4{365}: A baby lives here.

I love the composition on this one makes me want to live there. ;)

Karen at Barefoot posse
<P>365: The Induction
It was hard for me to choose between these too. Very creative. I haven't seen stuff like this in a long time and it was wonderful to see how her mind worked.
01 07 11
I have been loving all her food shots but this one was so delicate made me want to take a bite. yum...
Thanks for every one who has been participating! I have loved seeing all your photos!

please make sure that you grab your Top 5 button! ;)
Now for the guidelines to linking up:

 The Daily Wyatt

Anyone can join in at any time (even if you miss a day I know things come up. Just make sure that you are CHALLENGING yourself by thinking out side the box doing things you've never done before.)

Put all your Weeks photos into one post. just in case we didn't get around to seeing all of them that week.

Please use your own photos and they need to be NEW photos each week hence the 365 DAYS in pictures...

When linking up, only link to your "365 day in pictures" blog post, not your main blog URL. and link back to me by using the button located at the bottom of my blog.

Please try to visit other peoples blogs and give them some comment love, because we all know that we love comments plus the whole point of doing this challenge is to learn from each other.

The Daily Wyatt 

I will be picking 5 photos each week to highlight so make sure that you are trying to take what you think are amazing photos and add them into the Flickr group so I have all week to look over them. Then at the end of the month I will choose 1 winner for all the top 5 entries.

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Hope to see you all next week!


  1. Hey, this is Daniele (from Love Grows in Small Places). I started a new blog now, and will not be using my family blog any more. You can visit me at ...I linked up, but honestly I didn't challenge myself this week, it was a hard week. I am excited to next week for sure!

    I am loving your photos this week! Great job! I am going manual too and it is so scary!

  2. Your day 7 shot is really cool. I don't ever think to take photos like that.

  3. Waaaahoooo! Linked up! Glad you finally got to my blog. Excited to be 365 buddies! BTW way to go manual!!! You're going to love it! :)

  4. I love day #7. So cute! Yay for manual! Thanks for always stopping by my blog. I always try to email you to say thanks but I get a delivery error.

  5. Thanks for selecting my photo (the Waffle House sign). it was just one of those serendipitous moments where I said, "Hey, I should take a picture of that." I've only been at this for a few weeks, so winding up here and all the comments on Flickr tell me I must be doing something right. Anyway, thanks again, and I really like the warm qualities you give your photos.

    Oh, my blog is at

  6. I love the close up lips shot. It's just gorgeous! I'm definitely going to have to find someone to get a lip shot of!

  7. I knew you'd have some cutie pictures of your son!! Love the shots! Linked up! :) Now let me go figure out this Flickr group thing. hehehe

  8. Thanks for featuring my shot, and your pictures are great, love the selfie of you with your book.

  9. Little Wyatt is so cute as usual. You've inspired me to get outside too in the dark - I love the way the moon has appeared like a sunburst in that photo and the icicle against that sunset.

    Mine are here

    I must link in with your flickr now.

  10. Thanks so much for picking my photo!! I LOVE your Flickr group!

  11. Those are awesome. I love the one you posted as well as the ones you picked from others.

  12. Oh my gosh, your photos are AWESOME! Honestly, love them all! Especially the reading on the couch... ah I could so snuggle up with a book!

  13. I'm joining in. Thanks for the linky.
    I love your shots especially day 7 and day 4 looks like a wonderful way to spend the day.

  14. Your shots are looking great. Congrats on shooting in manual. It's much harder, but so much more rewarding to know YOU took that shot all by yourself. Camera really was just an accessory. ;)

  15. I love your day two photo, it is so sweet! And good for you for getting on manual this week! I've yet to go all manual, but hopefully soon :)

  16. These photos are wonderful! I love the mirror one the best. New follower here!

    I too am playing along with the Project 365! I would love it if you would come over to my place and check it out. :)

  17. I love those night shots. The flare of the street light is amazing.

  18. congrats on going manual! i love the idea of this group -- though i'm not following the format. feel free to boot me, not trying to break the rules. ;)

  19. Yay manual! Less intimidating than I actually thought when I made the switch!

    LOVE your photos. The lips get me 100% I love shots of 'parts'.

    Also? The kitty love shot it just about the most precious ever. It should be framed. BEAUTIFUL work!

    Here from NapTimeMomTog 365!

  20. Great icicle shot and I loved the star burst on the street lights! Great shots.

  21. Great icicle shot and I loved the star burst on the street lights! Great shots.

  22. I love those night shots. The flare of the street light is amazing.

  23. I'm joining in. Thanks for the linky.
    I love your shots especially day 7 and day 4 looks like a wonderful way to spend the day.


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