Thursday, January 13, 2011

I haven't touched my computer in 3 days. AHHH....

Guess what happens when you start a new Team Lead position at your job? You discover that TIME is non-existent. Especially when you are expected to be a mother and a wife on top of that.
So little things like a blog suffers.
I just want to shout out to all my new followers!
HI!! Welcome!
I am glad your here!
I will try to visit you all soon and those new to the 365 Days in Pictures Flickr group thank you for added your pictures. I am slowly sorting through them and trying to comment please be patient with me.
Since I have the day off tomorrow... (well sorta.) I finally got to upload my pictures and edit (well do Quick edits on) them...
Here are my 9-12/365 days in pictures... Enjoy. ;)
Day nine:
Day Ten:
Day Eleven:
SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                        
Day Twelve:
SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                         
Don't forgot about the Saturday blog hop! We had a great turn out for the first round!! whoop whoop!
I cant wait for this weeks one so I can see what everyone's week was like in pictures!
See you all then! ;) 
(PS I normally reply to a lot of the comments through email but if you would like me to visit your blog please make sure that I can find it. thanks)


  1. I really like your week in review. The paint/paintbrush & the lamp are my favs. I know what you mean abt time. I'm just having a hard time finding opportunities to comment on all the 365 blogs! You seem to be doing a great job tho!

  2. Beautiful pictures. My favorite is the leaf! Glad you're back, congrats on the new position!!

  3. No way you're that busy and getting such awesome shots!!! These are really cool! Way to go Super Mom!

  4. I love that red leaf one, how awesome is that! If you've emailed me in response to a comment, I've never gotten it. :( Do I have something turned off like when you couldn't find my blog? *sigh* I will have check my settings. Make sure to have some Mommy time today, enjoy your day off! :)

  5. I love the red leaf picture, great focus.

  6. Oh I love your work!!! Photography that is :-) All those pics are a real delight to look over!

  7. You have chosen some wonderful subjects! Love day 11 in particular!

  8. I love the red leaf picture, great focus.


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