Thursday, February 10, 2011

Before and After

Lately I have been adding a lot of textures to my photos. Which give them some depth and great contrast. This photo shows that. I did nothing to the photo I just added this free texture...
TheWall Which I got from Here
(how to add texture in PSE8 is go to file, place, choose texture, accept, go to layers pick either soft light, overlay or whatever you'd like adjust the Opacity then right click it to simplify it so you will be able to use erase or brush tool to remove texture over certain areas.)
I didn't erase any texture this time I did lightened it, boosted the color with PW Boost action, reduced the noise, sharpened, added my watermark and was done.
Sometime you don't have to do a lot to make it look like you did...
That is what texture can do for you.
beforeafter touch up


  1. I haven't played with textures before and I really should give it a try because this looks really good.

  2. Both images are beautiful..but I am partial to the one with texture.

  3. Love the vintage look the texture gave it!

  4. I REALLY like your edit. The coloring looks wonderful and that texture is so perfect.

  5. The texture gave it such a hazy antiqued it!

  6. Wow. Love this edit. It is seriously post card worthy!

  7. The texture gave it such a hazy antiqued it!


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