Friday, March 18, 2011

365 days in pictures (February winner!)


This week has been filled with fights with the hubby, Wyatt being a brat, Wyatt pooping in his pants more times then I want to admit, dealing with the WORST customers EVER! I swear it was everyday non STOP at work with them it was like they all joined in together to make sure they made my week hell! UGHHHHH! and plus I cried more times then I could count this week. BAWLED people I bawled. its been a bad week. emotionally bad.


but besides all that I did enjoyed looking through Flickr you guys are amazing for posting those photos I have totally slacked on adding mine. I need to be better.

Sooo... What I am thinking is that I want to start up something called Flickr Friends. I am going to start up a page where I will post everyone links to their flickr pages and we can all become contacts with each other. I will highlight one persons blog and flickr account each Monday. I think it will be fun!

If you want to join in send me an email with a little description of your self and your blog and also the links to your blog and flickr account at the subject line Flickr Friends. (if you have certain pictures you'd like me to highlight let me know in the email.) Cant wait to meet all of you!


Okay now for the Winner of February 365 days project. It was a close race but with  most of the votes Faith came out on top!!


Monday's POTD

I adore this photo! I really love the way she made it pop!

Congrats girl! Grab your button below!

The Daily Wyatt


Okay now for my photos this week everything is pretty much Sooc besides the ones with the watermark because I was lazy.


SONY DSC                        


SONY DSC                        


 SONY DSC                        


SONY DSC                        


SONY DSC                        



(Gees I suck on Fridays... Opps no picture again.)


Now for the Top 5:

Through a photographers eyes:


This is stunning. I love how clear the web is and also the background is gorgeous.

Mimo Khair:

a little revelationIt's a fragile story and it's all in the bubble

I picked two of her photos because they are just amazing... The first one I love because of the abstract feel. I love anything like that just beautiful.

then OMG the bubble! WOW look at that city skyline in there. WOWAZA! stunning. soo stunning.

Gray Graphy:

40/365: fly

I just love this so much. I love that it has that cell phone feel but also the vintage-ness(?) of it. just beautiful.

I love the light:

Happy Saint Patrick's Day !

Cant go wrong with four leaf clovers. right? love the water droplets adds a great touch.

My {BOY}terous life:

[77] 03.18.11

Sooo beautiful! I love the crisp clear focus of this and it just grabs your attention when you first see it! looove it!

Ps thanks to everyone who linked up with me on Thursday for Texture Thursday! hope to see ya there next week!


We all know the drill by now... and all I really ask is that you add my button or a link back to my blog so others can find the linky so they to can join in on the fun too...

The Daily Wyatt

The Daily Wyatt
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  1. 73 & 76 are my ffaaavvvesss!!!!!!! But they are all freakin amazing.

  2. Love as usual! Missed last week hope your week was blessed. I am so sorry you didnt see your button, I must have been half asleep this morning cause I didnt even realize I had not put it in my post. Its up now!! hugs

  3. Great photos. Love the kitty cat.

    I sent you an email about the flickr thing. Let me know if you get it. I have tried to send you emails before but they say that they dont get delivered.

  4. Aww, I love the painting ones. Looks like he is having a blast!

  5. Love the angle on day 73. Your day 76 is just breath taking. Great image and mood of the photo!!!! Can't resist a cute kitty photo!!!
    Hope you have a better week next week. Take the time this weekend to relax and unwind.

  6. Your shots always make me happy! Love your picks too :-)

  7. I love the bokeh shots with the lights!

  8. Audrey - WOW. I hope your weekend is restful and next week is easier for you :D Hang in there, Girl! I love your week of shots - such great art making ones.

    PS - THANKS for picking my Hydrangea! So excited!!

  9. Love that shot of Wyatt painting. Makes me want a wider lens!

  10. Hi Audrey,
    Sorry to hear your week was off. That sometimes happens to me. Seems the whole world is knocking at your door for something. Love your last two pictures. I really like the black & white one. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  11. Love the 71 and the cute!
    The roses and cat are beautiful!

  12. What a fab idea about the Flickr Friends. I just sent you an email.

  13. That last shot is stunning, great lighting.

  14. I love day 71! Looks like so much fun!!!!

  15. That collage is so beautiful - I can feel the emotion in the quote. I use flickr but I'll be honest, I'm not great about commenting there. I use it to host pictures for my blog and occasionally join other stuff.

  16. I can NEVER pick a favorite with you! Love all your pictures this week! Thanks so much for linking up! :)

    Sorry it was such a hard emotional week. I must have been on the same emotional wavelength this week ~ it was killer!! Here's hoping next week is better for both of us! :)

  17. Day 73 and 76 are my favs. Amazing shots!


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