Friday, March 25, 2011

365 days in pictures

Hi Guys! How has everyone's week of picture taken been? Mine has be AWESOME! Heck ya!!
I picked up my camera everyday with out thinking that I had too. I have so many favorites that I am showing a lot more then just one a day... sorry I cant help myself.
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78: This is Wyatt passed out after a long morning of picking on OUR CATS.
79: Wyatt and I went out side and saw spring. It was wonderful.
80: I was in a BAD MOOD and saw the beauty in this plant... plus it was perfect for TEXTURE THURSDAY.
81: This is a piece of barbwire on the fence of my apartment dividing us from the high school.
82: I forgot to change my camera from manual focus to auto focus but when I looked through the lens and saw the gorgeous colors I kept shooting Wyatt coloring in the sunshine. I like it.
83: I took this shot late a night for Jill's I am beautiful project. Cause I'm one beautiful person!
84: Soooo... Wyatt sees ghost and I believe them to be real ones because he has been seeing them since well forever and once he starting talking he kept telling us over and over about them and we NEVER ONCE told him or had him watching anything about ghost.
He has a "mean" one who visits him (a lot) and a "nice" one. Tonight as I was writing this he woke up because the mean one was biting him. which seems to be happening a lot lately. (yes there are marks... scary.)
So I gave him a late night drink and shooed the ghost away and put him back to sleep.
if you have any ideas on how to get rid of the mean one that would be great.
Now for the TOP 5 from the Flickr group 
(don't forget about Flickr Friends on Mondays)
SKC Photography:
080/365 Hyacinths in my Window083/365 Dew Drop on a Blade of Grass
I adore her photos the detail and beauty of them makes me yearn to be able to take shots like these.
They are stunning.
Now I know:
Ducklings Sun Kissed
Wow really, these are amazing. They truly bring the spring fever out in me. absolutely gorgeous!
My (Boys)terous life:
[82] 03.23.11
I love the reflection and DOF.
It looks like art love it!
C burns:
My Grungy Self
I love the effect it looks like it is animated or something. Its wonderful.

Inspire me:
I love that you can see her cute curls and eyelashes its lovely.
Great job guys!
and thank you to all that upload your shots in our group daily
you all rock!!
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  1. Wow. Great photos. Love your little flower bud photo. That is freaky about the ghost. Sorry don't have any tips. :(

  2. Audrey - You got tons of great shots this week Lady. That barb wire one is rocking my world :D Fantastic stuff. Thanks for picking my I Spy pick - I always feel so flattered to be selected among such awesome photographers! I love the HDR one of the guy too! At least it looks like an HDR shot.

  3. All gorgeous but 78 is my favorite. It is so cute and sweet.

  4. I love day 79. Perfect photos for a spring outing with a little boy.

  5. Amazing pics as always. I'm Catholic, so I take ghost stories pretty seriously. I would contact a priest, especially if "ghost" is hurting Wyatt. Or acquire some holy water and sprinkle it around in his room. If you are not Catholic then that might sound kind of silly but it works, my family had a "ghost in the garage" a few years ago and haven't seen it since. Or maybe you can try to get Ghost Hunters, that show on TV, to come to your place, but they'll only tell you if you have spirits in your place, I don't think they get rid of them. That's all I've got, probably more info than you wanted to hear, sorry.

  6. I love the picture of Wyatt by the fridge. How cute.

  7. Hi Audry,
    Great snapshots. Love the flowers and the late night drink. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  8. Another wonderful week in photos :D Can't even pick a fave ;D

    Out of curiosity, what do the 'ghost' bite marks look like?...saw a program about someone living in an apartment building who had mysterious bitemarks on her, and it turned out that her neighbour had bedbugs that were seeking their way through the electrical outlets at night to her bed when she was sleeping (they're drawn to the sleeping form by the increase of carbon dioxide produced by our deeper breathing). Perhaps it could be a good idea to investigate some 'in this world' options to the bite marks before calling in a priest or ghost buster ;D

  9. Awesome shots this week. Love the flowers!

  10. Super set of shots. Loving the first one of Wyatt. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my photography and chosing two of my shots.

  11. Another great week of photos! The more purple crocus flowers I see, the more I want to plant my own bulbs in the fall. :) I love how your son fell asleep between your legs. So sweet! The barbed wire shot is excellent! Never thought barbed wire could look so good! :) And, yes, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

  12. So many really rich colors in your photos this week! Wonderful! And I love your current header!!!

  13. Hey Audrey! Thanks for linking up this week! I think I could look at books of your pictures for hours upon end. I can never pick a favorite!! I really LOVE your "I am Beautiful" picture. I need to get on the bandwagon and make one of my own. #78 is great ~ I love when my kids lay like that.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  14. I always love looking at your photos. So much inspiration!

  15. Wow...these were just incredible!!

  16. Hi Audry,
    Great snapshots. Love the flowers and the late night drink. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought


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