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Hello there, Monday Flickr Friend

From High Heals to Sneakers”=

My name is Jamie Rubeis.

I am a mother of two small boys and 1 teenage girl. I am aspiring to be a professional photographer, but at the moment I am just learning all that I can and sharing that journey with everyone on my blog. I mostly share pictures of my kids, but occasionally I get the opportunity to photograph other people, places and things.

1. How did you get starting in photography?

I bought my first DSLR within a year of having my first son. We had a super crappy point and shoot camera before and I was tired of my pictures turning out blurry half the time.

I shot in Auto mode up until the beginning of this year and did fine with it. I loved how my pictures looked versus the old, but as I started blogging and the more pictures I took, the better I wanted them to be (and still do).

So I started taking some photography classes and reading every tutorial I could get my hands on and I learned how to shoot in manual mode and the ins and outs of my           camera. Now I feel like my skills are really starting to evolve and blossom and I just want to keep absorbing as much as I can.







2. What’s in your camera bag?

I currently have a Nikon D40 with the standard 18-55mm lens, but I recently purchased a Nikon 35mm f/1.8G lens. These are good learning tools for me now, but I definitely have plans for lots of upgrading in the future.

Red Rock Canyon - Las VegasRed Rock Canyon - Las Vegas








3. Do you use an editing software if so which one?

I use Light room 3 and Photoshop Elements 9








4. Tell me a little about what “style” your photography is

I would consider myself to be a natural light, lifestyle photographer, but as for my personal style, I think it's still a work in progress.


 5. What person/blog inspires you?

WOW! There are really too many to name. I think the first blog I came across that I was truly wowed by was Annie at Paint the moon. Her works is absolutely beautiful. I also have really enjoyed Kristin Rachelle's blog. I think after discovering her, I realized that I really liked her style and would love to evolve my own photography skills to be of that calibre someday.

W4D5: Mentoring (Group Assignment)


6. What do you prefer to photograph?

I love taking pictures of kids, of course! Especially my own. Being able to capture a moment in my camera and then see it on my computer enhanced is an awesome feeling! 

W4D3: (Mentoring Class) High Contrast 

7. Do you take pictures everyday?

Absolutely!!! Practice, practice, practice is the only way I am going to consistently improve. Plus, I see the world from a different perspective now and I can't miss capturing a moment with my camera.

8. Does your family get annoyed with you always taking photos of them?

YES! My 3-year old tells me all the time, "I'm done taking pictures mom".

9. Do you print out your photos and if so how often do you do that.

No. I keep saying I need to. I have so many pictures on my computer and I haven't printed anything. It's horrible!


10. Are you self taught or have you taken classes.


11. What are some tips that you could share with us that you learned that you feel are invaluable.

Know your camera is #1. All those buttons and setting can seem so overwhelming, but if you know how to use them correctly, you will definitely see it in your work.

Join as many photography communities as you can and follow other photographers that interest you. I am inspired everyday just by daily blog reading.


Marley Poo!  


12. How and why did you start your blog/flickr account?

I started my blog, like most mothers, as a creative outlet from the day to day struggles of motherhood. What started out as just a few boring ramblings about my day has evolved into something so much more fun and it keeps changing with me. I joined Flickr when I started my first photography class with Faith over at SIMPLICITY. Now I have a few flickr friends and enjoy browsing all the amazing photos that are out there


You all should go check out her Blog and Flickr and give her some comment love! Thanks Jamie! It was a blast looking through all of your photos your kids are just adorable!


  1. Oh wow! This came out so nice!!! I can't wait to share. Thanks so much for the feature.

  2. So many lovely photos! I'll definitely be checking out her blog!

  3. I will definitely be following her.


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