Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Husband’s Obsessed with Pro bicycle races.

I am sure everyone has heard of the Tour De France or at least Lance Armstrong. Well, my husband loves those type of bike races. like LOVES them as in records them on the dvr and watches the 4 or so hours of it. That obsessed. Well last week the Tour of Utah was held and a lot of the pro bikers race in it and every year since they started it we have gone. This year was no different.
I go for these reasons.
  1. Because I love my husband and I love watching how giddy he gets when he asks for their autographs.
  2. Because I love my husband
  3. Because of the atmosphere. I dig a big crowd coming together and cheering.
  4. Because of the booths with a ton of free crap
  5. Because of the crashes. (they are AWESOME!)
  6. Because I love my husband
  7. I get to take a ton of pictures
  8. and my husband doesn't care if I do. (he hates me having my camera everywhere.)
  9. Because I love my husband
  10. Because Wyatt got his face painted this year and he looked awesome!
in all honesty every year we go Cody and I grow stronger. We bond over it and he is so happy during and after it which makes me happy.
This year was awesome because they started and finished the stage in Ogden (where we live) where has before they’d start it in Ogden and end in Salt lake so we’d get to see the beginning of it and then the end. But this year. We saw the start, middle and end.
(right after these guys turned the corner one of the cars who holds all their stuff hit a biker. he was fine but man it was an awesome crash. pissed I didn't get a picture.)
We spent all day there. We had a ton of fun, Wyatt loved ringing his cow bell but by the end we were so tired and really sunburned. This is what my boys looked like when we finally walked back to our car. ha-ha, love it!
Ps don’t you love this free action from Katie Lloyd that makes your photos look like I think a cell phone app? Love it! Thanks Katie!
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  1. oh your little man looked WIPED! glad you had a great day

  2. Mary Katherine PhotographyAug 19, 2011, 12:00:00 AM

    Really cool pictures! I really like the upclose one of your son (the second close up of him) and the first few race photos. :)

  3. Oh my, these were just incredible and your son is gorgeous.  So glad you can enjoy what your hubby enjoys as well.  Looks like a great day was had by all!

  4. I think it was a great photo op if nothing else...very cool shots!

  5. LOL! I thought my husband was obsessed with bike races but after reading this I would have to say he just likes them. :) The face paint is awesome!!!! I think it's really cool that they got art instead of a trophy. I would rather have Art to display than a trophy. :)

  6. Great Pics!  Love the action.


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