Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Texture Thursday

Its Texture Thursday time!!

Everyone joining me from last week... Welcome back! And, if you're here for the first time, I hope you totally join in on the fun! The whole point of Texture Thursday is to look at photography from a different point of view. Meaning that you can either enter a photo that has texture already in it or add some of your own. If your not quite sure what I mean I give examples HERE.


If you read THIS POST then you know about how I wanted to bring my dream to this photo below and I was able to do that with textures.


The textures I used where these…

I found them all on the internet just by searching “free textures for Photoshop”


To get the moon I just searched for “free moon brushes for Photoshop” and found that moon.

How I added it all together was I first did a clean edit to my photo added the warmth to it with a PW action. then I added the clouds. change they layer to soft light lowered the opacity to my liking and erased the texture over the hot air balloon. then added the stars again changing the layer to soft light lowing the opacity erased the texture over the hot air balloon.I fixed the colors added a sun haze with a coffee shop action. added the grass to make it more alive. (again changed to soft light lowing the opacity.) the with the new moon bush I first made a new layer then added the moon lowing the opacity to make it more realistic. added a vignette then added the border texture. I think I fixed the colors again with actions. sharpened and reduced the noise and was done. NOW, this took a few hours to get it right. ( and I still see things I would change.) So be patient but do be creative. Textures can make amazing photos if you know how to use them and the only way to learn is by practicing.

sometimes you have to create your dreams

The rest of this month and next I will be challenging you to create something way out of the norm using textures. On the last Thursday in October (which is the 27th) I will ask you to submit those photos. We will do a week long vote off for the best use of texture and there might be a prize for the winner!  So think way outside of the box and start working on it now! (keep checking back for more details.)


and now for the winner with the most LIKES is… My Perspective life… from my point of view

September 1

I adore the lighting in this photo. plus look at all that yummy bokeh.


The Daily Wyatt


Now its your turn lets see what Textures you have this week!




Don't forget the guidelines for the linky:

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  • anyone can join in at anytime.

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The Daily Wyatt

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  1. An amazing transformation with the use of your photo and all the textures. You creation is brilliant.

  2. OMG, you really did an amazing job with the texture. I loved it. Beautiful. :)

  3. Henrietta HassinenSep 8, 2011, 12:43:00 AM

    That balloon and moon picture is really great . I love how you are letting your imagination to run, just wonderful.

  4. That is one AWESOME picture! I could go about and just dream up a story around it :) Off to go post a Texture Thursday pic of my own. :)

  5. Love the texture you used!  Such creativity in your editing!

  6. Wow, I love those backgrounds you found. Amazing what's on the Internet (and for free!), isn't it?

  7. Love it...great work! It's like a painting!

  8. that is amazing and gorgeous! (and inspiring!)

  9. This is seriously gorgeous--you never cease to amaze me with your skills!

  10. I absolutely love this photo!  You inspire me to play more with textures!

  11. Love this photo!! 

  12. Wow, thanks for sharing how you put this together! Looks great!

  13. This is amazing! I am in awe of how you made that all come together and look as though it were meant to be that way. The overall effect is very dream like and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Very interesting textures you applied to that photo. You literally transormed it. I'll have to try to join in next week.


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