Sunday, October 30, 2011

He loved the sand that day but not the Ocean.

As I am writing this Wyatt is asleep at my feet. He has been throwing up all morning and finally settled enough for me to at least escape back into OUR VACATION we took at the beginning of this month.

On this day we went to Coronado Island with just Sherri and her son Brooklyn while the husbands went to a football game and it was wonderful.


We spent the morning in little kitchy shops, found super expensive treats, rode the ferry back and fourth between the Island and San Diego and spent hours on a gorgeous beach allowing the sun to completely burn smother us with warmth.


Wyatt loved the sand that day but not the water. I loved the water that day but not the sand. I spent most of the day with the ocean water splashing my back while I watched Wyatt dig in the sand.


I did slowly hope that he would want to play in the water with me. But no, he screamed when I made him and cried running away in fear from the waves.


But maybe one day he’ll love it as much as I did.


  1. I love seeing  my beautiful city through other people's eyes. Wish we could have met up, but I am so glad you enjoyed yourself here.

  2.  I don't think I can say this enough--holy cow, your kid has some of the most gorgeous eyes ever!

  3. What an incredible escape back to summer...thank you for posting such gorgeous images that let me dream and wish for a moment, that summer was here <3

  4. Thanks I Know I am soooo jealous of them. 

  5. I know I wish we could have met up! next time for sure! (I am in love with your city. IN LOVE)


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