Sunday, October 9, 2011

Life is but a dream.

I saw it, the beach in all its glory. The instant beauty took my breath away and while the sand warmed our old Utah toes and the clouds fantastically bombard our spirits and I fell in love.
I became smothered in this fantasy world of San Diego. I was in my element. I didn't just live this moment. I felt it. I craved for more of it. I became this moment.
Not only did my soul sigh a sound of relief but my heart fell more in love with that husband of mine. He clung close to Wyatt walking in the reflections of clouds that bounced on the ocean water and held onto Wyatt’s hand with such an intent that made me be so proud to call him husband.
As we walked the dock Wyatt became so intrigued with the surfers that he’d stop every once in awhile to watch as they floated on the waves and I couldn't help but think how he could become one of them if only we moved here.
That day we not only took in the salty smells, bathed in the setting sun and watched in delight as the seagulls flew over head but we satisfied our restless spirits and this became home.
The sun set attaching with it the thought of moving here. I looked into the future and saw my self wasting my time on the beach and I saw us happy here.
For me life is but THIS dream.


  1. Wow! These are beautiful!

  2. I love these shots! I'm glad you had such a good time and yes the beach is magical!

  3. These are beautiful. Love the wonder on Wyatt's face!

  4. Gorgeous photos, beautiful sunset! It does look like it would be an incredible place to live - go for it!

  5. Jennifer_StudioJRUOct 11, 2011, 8:58:00 AM

    Wow... what a stunning place! Everything is so beautiful. Makes me long for a walk in the sand! I love the photo of Wyatt on his tip toes peeking through to see the surfers. That is adorable!

  6. I'm a Southern California girl (though I live in Northern California now), and there is nothing like those beaches.

    I always loved watching my husband with my young sons, too. And I still like seeing them together, even though the hand holding has gone by the wayside...


  7. Love these pictures!!  Which one are you linking up to {A Photo} Challenge?  

  8. oh wow I love all these shots, I can't decide which I like best! I love the clouds in the second shot and the colors in the last shot!

  9. Absolutely stunning photos, especially the second and last, I could stay here watching them for the rest of the day. :)

  10. Amazing, stunning photos! I love the beach sooooo much!

  11. I love those pictures! :)

  12. Gina @ Chic Homeschool MamaOct 11, 2011, 5:45:00 PM

    STUNNING SHOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You captured my home so PERFECTLY!!!  I miss it! 

  13. Stunning photos!  Love how you captured the reflection of the clouds in the water on the beach.;  Have a happy week!


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