Friday, January 6, 2012

10 thoughts I thought today.


  1. Toady I slept in. It was wonderful.
  2. Today I actually brushed Wyatt’s teeth. Which by the way at what age do you need to take your kid to the dentist?
  3. Today I cooked a real breakfast that had healthy things, like eggs.
  4. Today I took Wyatt outside and enjoyed the warmish weather (and had a very weird convo with a random neighbour who has some serious issues with his cat. It was weird.)
  5. Today I made dinner for lunch and it was home made bake chicken and it was spicy so we didn't eat it. We just ate the rice instead. What a waste.
  6. Today I am going to make Cody’s favorite meal Lemon Pepper chicken, with home made rolls, real mashed potato's and have homemade brownies for desert. but only if I can only get up and do it. (I'm so lazy.)
  7. Today I feel bad because yesterday while we were in the mall we walked passed a eyebrow waxing place and I said to my husband that he could go there to get his eyebrows waxed. (cause he’s been looking for a place.) He looked me straight in the eye and said I already got them waxed today. I laughed and said no you didn't but I guess he did. I can be such a dick sometimes.
  8. Today I was on Pinterest f o r e v e r and saw THIS so I did it. Its now my favorite thing ever!
  9. Today Wyatt said this to me "Mom come here so I can do you hair so you can look like a girl today" I guess he figured out that most days I try to look like a boy. I laughed at that then I Twitted it.
  10. Today I drink 4000 cans of Mt Dew and I sooo want another one but Wyatt told me no and he’s the boss. :(


  1.'re funny!  Thanks for the collage link.  It looks great btw!  I have been wanting to do this~!

  2. Wait...what do you mean you actually brushed his teeth? Lol.  Please don't tell me that isn't a regular occurrence, crazy.  My almost 2.5 year old has had his teeth brushed every day since he started eating solid food.  It's super important if they drink juice and eat solid foods.  If they don't get into the habit young, they may develop super bad habits.  Also, tooth decay can carry over to adult teeth. They also recommend that you take children to the dentist for the first time when they turn a year old, but I waited until my son was 2.

    Super cute pics by the way. :)

  3. Lol don't you panic normally the hubs brushes his teeth not me. I missed taking him when he was one but we do have an appointment next week. Eek.

  4. Haha...ok. Whew! You scared me there for a second. Lol. :)

  5. When/if you get an answer on the whole dentist thing - let me know. I'm curious myself!


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