Sunday, February 26, 2012

I got my hair did and now I'm all hot and you cant handle all these curves.

on Wyatt >> cape: handmade from my mom// shirt & pants: target// boots: Christmas gift from aunt Rachel// potty: which he is holding cause he was on his way to the babysitters is from target.

on my self >> top & small jacket: Fashion Bug// shoes: target// pants: Shopko// Necklace: Disneyland.

Lately, I have been acting like a girl. I do my hair, wear makeup. I'm even shaving my legs.

 ::I know that's a shocker::

Plus I'm going shopping to pick up some clothes that are not Pjs this week. Whaaat?

I think its because:

  1. I'm planning a meet up with Holly in Vegas on March 9th. [Soooo EXCITED!] So I need to match her hotness.
  2. I got my hair did and now I'm all hot and you cant handle all these curves.
  3. It makes me happy to wear lipstick and smell nice (never thought I’d say that.)
  4. My hubby likes it…
  5. which might lead to us makin’ a baby. Winking smile cross your fingers.

 then, she {snapped}


  1. OMG!! Love your hair!!  Lookin' hot mama, keep it up!

  2. LOVE it! And fingers crossed for baby number two! Wahoo! If it works, let me know because right now my husband is all "UH H NO" and I'm all like "Boo hoo hoo". 

  3. Looking good!!! Love ya!

  4. Nicolette SpringerFeb 27, 2012, 7:34:00 AM

    You look great! I love that top and I heard the potty seat is the hottest new accessory, all the A-listers are carry them  ;)

  5. you go girl with your new hair. and I love the expression that Wyatt is wearing!

  6. Your hair looks fierce and love the sassy look. Wyatt looks too cute holding his

  7. Wooooo, hot mama!! You look very, very nice! :)

  8. That is some rockin' hair!  :D

  9. Love it!  AND you look smokin!
    xoxo, bree
    **new follower!   Would love it if you stoped by!

  10. Thats how hubs is here too. Lame. I counting on the vegas trip to change his mind ;)

  11. You could consider losing some weight too

  12. nope. I like my curves. You should consider not saying things like this to people. Thanks ;)


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