Thursday, March 15, 2012

Texture Thursday

Its Texture Thursday time!!
Everyone joining me from last week... Welcome back! And, if you're here for the first time, I hope you totally join in on the fun! The whole point of Texture Thursday is to look at photography from a different point of view. Meaning that you can either enter a photo that has texture already in it or add some of your own. If your not quite sure what I mean I give examples


So we played with sparkles today… this is the best photo from that. Its not my favorite. I will try this again when its not so windy and hopefully I will get a better shot of the texture sparkles I used.

From now on I will be posting the winners of last week on my Texture Thursday Pinterest Page. If you are highlighted on there please make sure to grab your winner button HERE.

And Congrats!

Now its your turn lets see what Textures you have this week!

Don't forget the guidelines for the linky:

  • Link only to your post dedicated to Texture Thursday not your main URL.
  • Anyone can join in at anytime.
  • Grab my button so others can find the linky and join in the fun too!
  • Try to visit others blogs and give some comment love! Because we all love comments.


  1. Your pic is cute! Can't wait to see other glitter photos. :)

  2. Hi!
    I just found your side, so this is  my first contribution here. Have not so much experience in  texture work, but I'll give it a try:) And I look forward to see and learn:)
    I really loved your example photos!
    Have a nice day:)

  3. Fun! I still need to try this with the boys. 

  4. Cute!!! And if just the thought of glitter getting on me and going every where didn't give me goosebumps I would totally try that! lol I might just see if I can find something else for them to try it with though.

  5. nothing is better than the magic of sparkles!

  6. Shots of blowing glitter, confetti, etc. inspire me to want to give it a try. Yours has done the same. I love the focus on the sparkles and the drama of the black and white. Thank you for sharing!


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