Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In this place, that will call ours.


My day started off with an early morning watermelon treat, conversations with my mother and blue skies. Which so made me not want to go to work. The air was warm, the grass was green and my itch to stay home and skip work was so strong until my mom said “Audrey, don’t you have to go to work.” and I did, because I learned a long time ago that it is very important to listen to your mother.

Work wasn't bad, it wasn't good. It was just there. But the best part of my day was when I left work to go and fix up the new house.


I spent the evening playing with Wyatt in our back yard laying in the green grass, picking dandelions and looking up into my piece of sky. It was wonderful. I sat there in the shaded backyard dreaming of the memories we will make in our house. I saw birthday parties, BBQ’s, get together’s and back yard adventures. I saw sleep overs, late night star watching, fireworks, water fights and maybe a dog in the near future.


I saw Wyatt turning sixteen bringing girls over, and even the loud music he’d play inside. Here was our house, a place we will make into our home for years to come and it dawned on me today as they finished putting the installation in, that this was ours, this was where our life will officially start, this will be were my kids will call home. This will be where they come back after years of being on their own to feel safe, welcomed and I will grow old with my husband here.


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In this place, that will call ours.

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  1. Oh gosh, that has got to be so exciting! All I can think about is when I finally get to move home, when I get to live in the home *I* grew up in and raise my kids there. I think about the things I always wanted to do or change to that house and now I'll finally be able to do exactly that. Next summer cannot get here fast enough!

  2. Michelle KennedyApr 25, 2012, 3:57:00 AM

    How exciting! Great pictures, I love the one of Wyatt standing on the tree stump :)

  3. Oh how exciting!  Love all the shots - and can't wait to see more when you've finally moved 'home'. :)

    Cat Nap

  4. What a beautiful post. Nothing better than dreaming about happy days ahead... I've really been enjoying your instagram pics. :) Happy WW! 

  5. how exciting! so much beauty chez vous!
    thanks for sharing those beautiful photos and brightening my day.

    happy wednesday!

  6. At first I thought it was the water melon shot that I loved but then I got to the one of your boy standing on the stump and I was smitten. Just a wonderful image.


  7. Wow...these are all AWESOME....  Love the one of him on the tree stump!

  8. What a great space and great place to enjoy your son! Love beautiful outdoor days :)


  9. It's so tempting to play hookey, I know.  Especially when the weather is gorgeous.  You got some great shots!

  10. That's so beautiful, Audrey!! I have thoroughly enjoyed following the progress of your new home in Instagram. How exciting and I hope you make many beautiful memories there! :)


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