Sunday, May 27, 2012

The things I have decided.


I have erased this post a thousand times. It goes from being one thing to the next. I don't know what I want to say or what needs to be said. There are times that I realize that I am not the girl I see in the mirror. I wish for things that aren't. That wont, that should be.

Why cant I spend my days drifting from one dream to the next. take away those responsibilities and be surrounded by nothing but art, words, soul wrenching words.

I want the words to come easy. I want to be the person I dream of. I want to be something else.

To most this sounds like complaining. But to me, this is only a wish. A wish for more then I have. Maybe a wish to be brave. To one day do just that. Live in moments of wishes that came true.

I guess in the mean time I will be a mom, wife and full time worker even though secretly I just want to run away with the circus.


  1. I think I know how you feel...there have been days when I'm in the car by myself and I think I should just keep on driving and see where the road takes me, and leave everything else behind.  Thinking of you!

  2. You're not alone, I always find myself wanting more... My mom actually did run away and join a carnival when she was younger. Sometimes it sounds appealing!

  3. True. Sometimes I do wish I'd act on it. haha... but I bet id miss my real life.

  4. One day miss L I will keep driving and end up at your house. ;)

  5. Yeah, me too. I asked my husband yesterday if we could move to someplace neat like Ireland. He thinks I'm crazy now. :)

  6.  I do have a rather well-appointed guest room with your name on it.  :D


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