Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I took my iPhone swimming.


Omg, today I did something brave, stupid and if it didn't work I would seriously die. I took my iPhone and its new life proof case swimming. oh I also took my son swimming. If you have not heard of the life proof case you must get it for this reason alone. It is waterproof.

I took my phone into a 6 ft. pool and dived completely to the bottom to take the above photos. (the one of Wyatt is me look up at him underwater as he waited for me to surface.) The only thing that I didn't like was that you can not use the on screen buttons due to the water interfering with the touch sensors.

So I had to turn my phone camera on it side and use the volume buttons to take the pictures. but other than that it was amazing to be able to take it underwater with out damaging it. Seriously, it is like it I didn't even do it.

Now, that I am not so worried about damaging my phone I will be taking my time with what kind of pictures I will take and expect to see more underwater photos on instagram! follow me @thedailywyatt


  1. Ahh, that made my heart beat a little faster! I'd be nervous, too. Glad to know it worked!

  2. You're a brave brave girl!  Even after your testimonial I'm still not sure I could do it!!  My iPhone will live vicariously through your iPhone, and we'll enjoy looking at all your fun pictures! :)

  3. I saw these pictures on your instagram last night and I was completely fascinated that this could be done! Amazing!

  4. YAY! So awesome!! I still haven't done it yet. 


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