Saturday, July 14, 2012

I will no longer…


I have a problem with being able to blog lately. I yearn for it. I do, I yearn to tell you about the adventures Wyatt and I go on, I yearn to tell you what's hidden in my heart and I yearn to grow this little space of mine but some how I just haven't been able too.

Work gets in the way, moving gets in the way, taking care of my family gets in the way and all the while I swoon over other blogs. I talk about, how I wish I could be like them and post everyday with fantastic pictures that are crisp, creative and edited to perfection and still be able to manage all the life stuff I got going on.

I say to the husband, how I wish I could have my space be just as delicate as theirs. I say, how if only I could get the creative juices that are hidden in me to just leap from my mind on to these internet pages with out all the worry about comments, linkys and all the other bullshit that comes along with blogging.

If only I was brave to stop all of that and just be me. Completely, fully with out the need to please, me.

So today. I am doing just that. I will no longer do linkys including texture thursday. (if someone else wants to take that over be my guest.) I will no longer worry about comments, I will no longer allow others to dictate what will be here. I will post when I can, I will post what I feel, I will do me completely, fully.

Thank you to all those who stick with me and goodbye to all those who choose to leave. You will be missed and I hope you can connect to someone else who shares your interests, just as I hope someone will do that with me.


  1. That was a brave post.  Thank you for sharing with those of us who not only understand where you're coming from but where you are trying to go.

  2. Stephanie MullenJul 15, 2012, 7:47:00 AM

    I understand! I am the same way....I post when I can. Most are understanding...Family life comes first! I will still follow! Blessings to you all.

  3. Good for you, dude!  Truly,  write everything and anything your heart desires, post the things you're afraid to post, and instead of worrying about hosting linkys spend that time editing your photos.  I will keep reading!

  4. Yo siento como tú, buena decisión.Voy a seguir viendo tu blog.Como verás yo tengo pocos seguidores, pero amo mi blog.No soy una artista ni mucho menos, pero aprendo cada día cosas nuevas, y lo que hago lo hago lo mejor que puedo. Te apoyo, mi amiga, ya que muchas veces siento como tú. Un abrazo grande!!!!!

  5. Good for you. Right now I am having a terrible time posting and commenting. My life is just too complicated right now. I, too, post as I can. Those who are willing to hang in there with me are wonderful. You said it all beautifully. Genie

  6. Thanks! I hope you do and I know now that I am less stress about blogging. So thanks!


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