Wednesday, August 8, 2012

so its my day off…


And I have so much shiz to do today such as:

  1. get off the computer and get breakfast (yes get because we have no food.)
  2. go to the postal office and change our address.
  3. unpack the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedrooms
  4. move the furniture in the proper places
  5. hang pictures
  6. bring all the little things left at the apartment
  7. clean the crap out of it (seriously my apartment is gross)
  8. take Wyatt to the dentist
  9. upload all the pictures on my camera
  10. edit/blog them
  11. blog
  12. blog oh I miss you
  13. blog
  14. hang the shower curtains
  15. take a nap because man I am so tired just writing this list.

(9-13 I doubt I’ll get to do. boo! those are the only ones I want to do.)

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