Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Today my day starts at 4am


Yeah, Wyatt thinks its pretty funny that my day starts at 4am. Well I don't jerk! I went to bed early last night which I hate because I like my time to do whatever when the kid falls asleep cause that's the only time I ever get with out having someone saying mom mom mom mooooooooooooooooom at me every two seconds. Its bliss.

Then I got to wake up bright and early this morning (yay!) so I can head to work to do inventory. Which if you’ve ever done retail inventory yeah, it sucks balls. (that's my new favorite saying lately eeek sorry.) Then I get to leave early (like 10ish) from work so I can head to my sisters wedding (which btw who gets married on a Wednesday.) Which I am excited about because its not in a church gym like most Utah weddings so it should be a good one. So be prepared to see a lot of instagram photos of it. 

It will be a long day I doubt I'll get a nap and then guess what I get to do tomorrow!?

Work plus Pack/move again!!

YAY!! (that  sucks balls too. ugh.)

Happy first day of August everyone!

(Yes, I am still packing/moving and yes we have not slept in the new house yet. We currently are waiting for our closets to be done, to have bath curtains and our TV to be set up. We can not live with out those things. Seriously, those words have come out of our mouths. Plus if I move in I have to unpack the kitchen which means I’d have to cook which leads to doing dishes so I'm milking it for as long as I can. wouldn't you?)

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