Thursday, September 13, 2012

for the love of god…


I thought by the time Wyatt was in the toddler years that I would be able to get some sort of alone time. Instead it feels like the clinging is getting worse. It could be do to the dog always being at my feet or me having 4 years of caring for someone besides my self but gosh, I just need a moment of peace. You know?

The other night Cody and I put Wyatt to bed and then tried to have a “moment” with each other (if ya know what I mean.) We closed the bedroom leaving the dog out which caused him to whine which led to Wyatt running to our room to bang on our door. MOM!!! KIPPER WANTS IN! Mom? mom mom mom mom MOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!  insert hysterically crying now.

Needless to say our adult time ended quicker than I wished and I walked out to Kipper whining and Wyatt crying, “I kept knocking and you didn’t answer and and I thought you were gone.”  I then had to take another hour to console him and assure him that we didn’t leave. I know that that’s an extreme example I guess all I am asking for is being able to poop in peace or even just to be able to walk into a different room with out Wyatt, the dog and cats following me into. I constantly trip over them and it makes me want to scream.

I now assign “quite time” to Wyatt where he either chooses to stay in play in his playroom by himself for an hour or in his room. During this time I also kick the dog out. but really I maybe get 15 mins before Wyatt asks “IS QUITE TIME OVER YET?!” or before Kipper barks hysterically to come back inside.


I know that when I am old and gray I will think back and wish that I didn’t get upset about something so trivial as this I guess I just needed it to be known that I am a mother and I just need a moment of peace. just one moment.

Don’t you?

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  1. Having another baby could help with the clingy behavior. Use that as ammo at the hubs. It really does help. Google it. He needs a little sibling.


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