Sunday, September 16, 2012

Random thoughts on a Sunday.


Currently I am sitting in my living room listening to some morning indie music on my iPhone while Wyatt opens up every single board game that I just put away. My hair is a mess, I am wearing the same shirt I’ve worn every day this week with the most comfy jammies ever. I’ve left the barely touched breakfast on the table like I do each morning to only be put away when I get ready to make lunch. Something's will never change.

I dreamt I was a pirate yesterday on this long voyage to find gold. It was filled with sword fights, drinks and happy moments on the open seas. I saw my self young, with long braded brown hair sitting on the edge of the boat day dreaming as the salted water splashed on my face. Oddly, it was a very peaceful dream. I awoke today, feeling very renewed and refreshed.

Today, is my last non working day. I took 5 days off to finally unpack the last of the boxes that have been stashed in the corner of my living room. They are still there. Well most of them. I spent most of this time off just being there. I’d find moments where I would just hug Wyatt a little longer than normal just to capture the moment and note that I could take my time with him. I need to take time off more. I do.

Tonight, I am hoping that I can finally get the pictures of my camera and spend some quality time in my office. I have months of pictures that have yet to see the light of day. I am finding that I am changing as a photographer. I wish to capture more details of the everyday then the faces of each moment. If that makes since. I just hope that I can finally take the time to share them here.

Its now time that I get ready for the day, pick up the boards games again and finally go to the store and purchase curtains. Maybe, I will actually unpack the rest of those boxes.

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