Friday, November 9, 2012

Don't be a party-pooper.


People! I am going to be twenty seven on Sunday. TWENTY SEVEN!! OMG! All I can think about is how I am almost 30. That's so crazy, I literally feel like I am just turning 18 moving out on my own, dating the man I am going to marry, and just starting college. 
Now, I am a married home owner with a 4 year old hoping to get pregnant and debating on staying home and being a full time mamma who has never used her college degree.
Crazy. Just crazy. 

 Isn't it strange how life turns out completely different from what you thought it would be like as a kid. 
I was going to be an actress, living in New York, either struggling to become famous or happy to be doing nothing be my art. 

Man, how wrong was I? Hahaaa... 

Any-who, tonight Cody and our friends will be heading to SLC to properly celebrate my birthday and I can not wait. It is so needed because this whole Holiday retail season at work is slowly killing me. If I have to hold one more orientation and explain the attendance policy again I might just fall over in die. 
Really I just might.

PS, isn't that video cute? that is exactly how I am going to be celebrating this year. Loud music and maybe some rule breaking... awesome.

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