Friday, March 12, 2010

Fire truck beds are made JUST for little boys named Wyatt.

Now I have had a lot of friends and family tell me that putting Wyatt in a toddler bed right now was a bad idea. “He is too little” “he’ll climb out of it and get into everything.” “His wont sleep in it.” but the main one is “Why are you trying to make him grow up to fast?”

Look I am all for making him stay a baby forever but when it comes down to it I want to a raise an independent adult who is very secure about him self and to do that you HAVE to start at an early age.

I have always tried to make sure that I have allowed him to be who is but also I have never treated him like he was a baby. The reason for that is that I didn't want to limit him. I wanted to make sure that he was capable to do the things that I asked and WHEN I asked him to. So when he is older he feels like he has had every advantage to become that successful adult that I know that he can become.

Last month as I was looking on line I saw this very cool toddler fire truck bed and that made me think hmm… is Wyatt ready to transition into a toddler bed?

I did not go into this with out putting a lot of thought into it. I researched it. I put a lot of discussions up at varies different mom sites Click here to read the discussion I put on and I watched how Wyatt was when he was sleeping. I made this discussion based solely off how it would benefit him not anyone else including myself.

After convincing Cody that I knew that he is ready for this BIG step we placed the order for his bed and for the whole month before it arrived I talked to Wyatt and told him how BIG BOYS sleep in BIG BOY BEDS and how it will be very exciting to be able to get in and out of bed all by him self.

When the day finally came to pick up his bed I was nervous I kept thinking of what others have told me and I began to second guess my discussion but it was to late. We couldn't pick up the bed until after Wyatt's bed time so I put him in our bed so we could put the bed together that night so we would have it for his naps and bedtime the next day.
wyatt and his fire truck toddler bed 006

wyatt and his fire truck toddler bed 007

wyatt and his fire truck toddler bed 009 wyatt and his fire truck toddler bed 010 wyatt and his fire truck toddler bed 011 wyatt and his fire truck toddler bed 012 When he woke up the next day we showed him his NEW BED! Now I think we were more excited about it than him but he did think it was pretty cool.

wyatt and his fire truck toddler bed 036Nap time rolled around I couldn't wait to see how it would be. We did our normal nap time routine which is reading a story holding him for 5 minutes only and laying him in bed and I leave.

He laid in the bed just fine and when I left the room he was still sort of awake but he didn't get up or out of the bed he slept the entire 2 hours for his nap and when he woke up he got out of his bed and came and found me in the living room like it was no big deal.

When it came down to the night time we did our same routine and I put him in his bed. He only woke up once (because he is sick and it was time for his meds.) I left him in the bed and gave him his meds and he laid right back down and slept until the morning. I then woke up to him staring at me at 7:30am. The house wasn't trashed he didn't get into anything and it was nice to not wake up to him yelling for me to get him out of his crib.
first night in toddler bed 001

It’s been about 3 days or so now and it’s still the same thing NO PROBLEMS. What so funny is that when the house is quite and I am playing on FB cleaning while he naps all of a sudden he is there wanting lunch it makes my heart jump little since I am not use to him just being able to come and go as he pleases but I have to admit that I love that I don't have to stop what I am doing to go Wyatt with his mickey jammies 004and pick him up out of his crib.

So to all those haters I TOLD YOU SO see I know what is best for MY SON so let’s not ever question that again okay? Just because he might ready before other kids doesn't mean that I am pushing him to grow up before he is ready too I am just allowing him to simply grow up regardless if others think he isn't ready to or not.

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