Saturday, March 20, 2010

What a saxophone can do for you.

I have been a person who has had many friends over the years and I have never really kept them. The reason for that is that they become needy, stupid, annoying and well let’s just say it… they are GIRLS.

If you are how I am you can not stand to be friends with girls. I gave up being friends with them when I entered into middle school. All they did was cause problems for me. Here is an example…

I was at my best friends birthday party lets call her “Patty.” Patty had a huge crush on this blonde haired blue eyed boy. I guess she got jealous at her birthday because I was talking to Blondie. Now she never said anything at her birthday party so I had no idea she was mad at me.

The next day when I went to school, I had girls that I didn’t even know call me names such as SLUT. Okay whatever I thought. But then they made the next weeks become a living hell for me.

Some girl named crystal who I NEVER MET IN MY LIFE thought since I was a “slut” that it was in her right to challenge me to a fight. Of course the rumor of the fight got around to the whole school and by the end of the day there was literally a crowd of people following me to the bus stop.

Now it’s not like I didn’t hear this rumor too so I prepared my self.

I was a band geek (OMG YOU WERE?!!? yes… *ashamed* I was.) So I decided that I should take home my saxophone but in reality it was my weapon of choice.

As this crowd of people followed me out to the bus there stood crystal.

It was time… time for this fight with a girl who I never met until a week prior.She was a big tall hefty girl with stringing blonde hair and a scowl on her face that would scare the be-Jesus out of you.
And then there was me… a small brown haired girl with big round nerdy glasses who had nothing going for her expected this big heavy saxophone case.

I had no idea what I was going to do. Should I run away? Should I fight? I decided to try to run onto the bus… what a stupid idea. Before I could even get onto the bus crystal grabbed my hair. (Why do girls have to grab hair?) and threw me to the ground.

As I lay on the ground with every single person staring at me I thought fast and I picked up my heavy saxophone case and smashed it into crystals face. I didn’t look back I ran straight onto the bus and as the doors closed I then found out why crystal didn’t like me. “Patty” confessed. she told me how she didn’t like me talking to Blondie. Blondie was her “man.” what? I thought seriously we are fighting over a boy who means nothing to me?! A boy who has awful B.O. OMG!

From then on girls could never really be my friends.

Until now.

Cody and I have been in the same apartment for about 5 years and we are the type of people who have their blinds open to watch other people.

We are nosey.

Every one of people that live in our apartments have some type of nickname and this was no exception to a boy we named Rico as in Rico Suave.

Rico would always pass our window with his long brown hair blowing in the wind and he “walked that walk” very well.

One day we noticed this girl with him who we named the “hot one” she kept coming around which for that apartment was unusual.(I later found out that Rico’s roommate had tons of girls over.)

Now this couple always looked like the  people that Cody and I would get along with but we didn't do a  whole lot to become friends with them. At this time in our life we were home bodies. We didn’t go really anywhere unless it was for family events.

Now when Cody and I would BBQ and “Rico” and the “hot one” would pass we’d ask them if they would like anything and they would always replied with a no.

The day I think we become friends I said something to them I don’t really exactly remember what I said to them all I do remember is that it was in the parking lot and I was being very sarcastic. So sarcastic that when we got into our apartment Cody was so mad and he couldn’t believe I said that to them.

But that got the ball rolling. The next time we invented them to a BBQ they CAME! And the “hot one” named Heidi (her name wasn’t what I expected.) and I hit it off. We were both very sarcastic and opened minded and we stayed friends until they moved out.
We lost contact for a while until the wonderful world of FB connected us again. (awe thanks FB *hugs)

We now get together once a week with our kids and we are slowly but surly becoming good friends.

This week we took Sophia (now that’s what I thought Heidi’s name would be like… since she is the “hot one.”) Wyatt and the husbands to the discovery gateway which  is a interactive, hands-on fun children's museum in SLC.  Click Here for more info.

It was a blast and it further confirmed that she is indeed not one of those stupid, annoying, attention thrived, DRAMA filled girls. She is down to earth, opened minded, sarcastic (which I love) and a all around awesome person. So Heidi let stay friends k? Well as long as you don’t try to beat me up or anything because if I have to I will get out my saxophone. DONT TEMPT ME! ;)

*Here are some pictures of the trip to Discovery Gateway in SLC*

 discovery gateway 018discovery gateway 041 

    discovery gateway 043 discovery gateway 048 discovery gateway 051 discovery gateway 061 discovery gateway 053 discovery gateway 055 discovery gateway 068 discovery gateway 072  discovery gateway 074 discovery gateway 077 discovery gateway 086 discovery gateway 096


  1. OMG I hope Parker's hair gets as curly as Sophia's!! That is how mine was as a child (and still is when I let it do its own thing lol).

    And hey, I keep my blinds closed so that people like you can't spy on me haha.

    Actually I keep them closed because my dog, Hiro, barks at ANYTHING he sees moving, including people walking by. lol

  2. best friends forever dude.
    we love you guys, and can't wait for all of the fun we are going to have this summer.


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