Friday, April 23, 2010

This is what I think about EVERY SINGLE DAY!



I need want this camera.

I think about it all the time. 



Taking pictures has become my new obsession.

Cody has made fun of me because I take over 100 pictures a day.

I really do.

I don't leave the house with out my camera.

Him and his friends have even counted the amount of pictures that I have put on FB

1600 and counting…

Which I’m little embarrassed by but how can I just choose one?

They are all my favorite.



I want this too…

So then I can make my photos look like this…

Click the picture to find out who took this photo.

Cody is slowly coming around to this idea but I know it will be awhile before I can have them because he just bought me all this…

                                 (plus a new computer chair.)

    Which I also use everyday but still…


  1. I didnt know you were a Pioneer Woman fan! I love her!!!!

  2. Me too! I think she is the one I need to blame about being obsessed with taking pictures. Lol


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