Thursday, May 27, 2010

Look what I just got…

If you read this the other day then you know that I have wanted to get Adobe Photoshop and a Nikon D-90 camera for well FOREVER…

well I just got

dun dun duh…..




looks like I will be glued to my computer even more then normal tonight.

and its all because of this man…

sophia and wyatt 026

My lover

My man

My squeeze

The love of my love of my life

The guy who puts up with ALL of my drama.

My wonderful husband…

he also took me out to look at cameras and I changed my mind and decided that I want to get this camera


instead of the D-90. 

Maybe just maybe if I am sweet enough I might be able to get it!

If I do I will OWE sooo much to that husband of mine.

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