Sunday, June 13, 2010

From a Toddlers prospective

I haven't been good about keeping up with the pictures Wyatt has been taking.


but here are this weeks.

(I did edited them but Wyatt did physically take these photos all on his own with out any help.)


Which ones are your favorites?


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Coffee cup

If you don’t know what “From a Toddlers prospective.” is or if you want to see more pictures go HERE.


  1. Wow! He is pretty good. What editing program do you use? I have been wanting to edit alot of my photo's but I don't know what to use.

  2. I got the adobe photo shop 8 editing system that I bought at Costco for 80$ which is a steal and its way easy. I think you can download a trail one for free but I'm not sure where at.

  3. OH!! Those FEET!!!! and that last one with the fence... just WOW!

    My son, Jacob loves taking pictures too! - maybe I'll have him guest post! :)

  4. I would love for jacob to guest post we will have to set it up for sure!

  5. Great pics, new follower! I have a toddler too. Thanks for visiting Knowlton Nest.

  6. These are so great! Love the one of his feet.

  7. I love the last one!
    <a href=">From PDX with Love</a>

  8. These are so great! Love the one of his feet.


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