Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Opening Game

A tradition that Cody and I started a long time ago was to go to as many local baseball games we can during the summer and since Wyatt has found him self in our little family we of course had to bring him into the tradition as well.

Now this isn't his first “real” baseball game its just the first one of this summer…

One of my many favorite things I love about going to these games is watching Cody tell Wyatt about the game and Wyatt listening so intensely like he understands everything being said.


During the game I began to believe that he knew who we were cheering for and when and how to do it.


Because at every highlight he just knew before me and a lot of other people…


That it was time to cheer.


He got so into it he refused to sit on my lap he wanted his OWN chair (thank goodness no one was sitting next to me so he could actually have his own chair.) and he rarely looked away for the first part of the game.


But then of course “Oggie” the raptor came along and he flipped out in a excited ask a million times “whod dat?”  “whod dat?” way until Oggie came close to us so he could meet him.

He thought it was so cool that he starting hysterically laughed and gave him 3 or 4 high fives and until Oggie had leave which of course made Wyatt cry. 


The game went on late into the evening we ate hotdogs, nachos, had icecees drink a ton of soda, cheered and just enjoyed ourselves.

and even got to watch the fireworks.

raptors8 raptors7

What a great night



  1. Oh, he is just adorable!! LOve the cheering shot!

  2. He's so cute! I love your pictures!

  3. This is seriously so darn sweet! I love it! =)


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