Monday, December 13, 2010

The First Snow Fall

"Snowflakes are such a fragile creation but look what they can do when they stick together."
Okay so we have had a lot more snow falls then this one and right not it is pretty bare outside but I couldn't help myself. I forgot about these photos until I decide that it was about time to unload my cell phone of its pictures.
On this day when I saw that it was snowing for the first time I decided to get Wyatt's coat out and his boats but he found daddy's "produce" hat and wanted to wear that outside instead of his beanie. We were not outside long Wyatt kept falling in the snow which of course made him cold and whinny.
snow6snow8    snow9
But for those for moments of us being outside (with our cats.) it was peaceful. Made me so excited for the holiday season to start.
PS Guess how many photos I had in my cell phone...  11,123 and that was just Oct-now. Crazy I know. needless to say I deleted over half of them. ha ha sometimes things seem cooler then they really are.

This is for the "show&tell: outside" challenge


  1. I love your vintage snowfall. Very pretty.

  2. That hat is a cuteness overload! Great photos!

  3. That hat is a cuteness overload! Great photos!


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