Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Warm Snowy Day~ is that even possible?

The other day after Wyatt and I made Gingerbread houses I peeked out side and saw the sun shining, the snow glistening and I knew I just had to take Wyatt out for a impromptu photo session.
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As we walked out side it was so warm and the snow was so bright that it shocked both of us.
We even had to go in the shade to cool off.
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Wyatt wasn't to happy when I made him climb in the snow to get to this pine tree covered in the stuff. especially when I wanted him to put his back into it.
"Mommy! nooooo... momma! momma no noo." He would say... but I begged and pleaded with him until he finally caved in.
I got a lot of pouty faces and the "I refuse to look at you" faces. but I was fine with those just because his eyes caught the light perfectly each time.
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I am so jealous of his breathtaking blue eyes... 


  1. Oh my golly - he is ADORABLE!! And those expressions crack me up!! ...especially the one in front of the tree!

  2. he does have some beautiful eyes. great snow photos.

  3. So sweet! Wish we lived where it snowed. :)

  4. What a beautiful day!! So glad you took advantage of it and got those photos :) I'm a new reader, love your blog!!


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