Monday, January 3, 2011



I am very proud of this photo because it is one of the many pictures I took today in MANUAL! That's right folks... no more P-mode for me its all manual now.

I don't know why I was so scared to take the plug because its not as hard as I thought. I know I will make a ton of mistakes but I am looking forward to learning more and more each time.

Are you doing Project 356? So are We and don't forget about the Blog Hop's on Saturday...


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  1. Yea! Congrats! You did a great job! Beautiful picture!

  2. First off, your head totally made me LOL! And love the icicle :) Great job in manual!

    **Sidenote--How did you change your font?

  3. Sorry, header totally made me LOL.

  4. Great photo! I'm trying to shoot more in manual too, but I always fall back on av mode. Maybe by the end of this year's 365 I'll have it down. (I'm slow!)

  5. First, beautiful!!! Second, Is the 365 rules here, the same as the other sites that are hosting this? I am so new to this! So, is the goal to take a new photo a day, as like a self-challenge?

  6. Way to go! It's a great pic too! You're a pro already!! ;)

  7. Way to go! It's a great pic too! You're a pro already!! ;)


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