Friday, May 20, 2011

Did you know that Batman hangs out with Superman?

So I should have this posted a whole week ago but I didn't so here it is now...
I have never seen Wyatt get a long so well with another kid until Brooklyn. Brooklyn is my friend Sheri's son (the same Sheri I go out and have photo adventures with.) and he has a fantastic cape collection which Wyatt adores.
So of course he wears each time we are there. On this day we went outside found dandelions (which they covered ME with not Sheri. How she lucked out I will never know.  **shaking my fist in the air**  ONE DAY SHERI ONE DAY!!) and ran around kicking our legs in the air and fighting off all the enemies. It was a blast!
SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                           SONY DSC
We are also going to be going on our Disneyland vacation with them in October and I cant wait!
and can I just say how similar Wyatt and Brooklyn look... they could be brothers  uh... cousins. ;)
Wyatt came into the room with a batman mask on and I couldn't tell if it was him or Brooklyn... seriously.
I could only tell because of what clothes Wyatt was wearing! ha hah ahahahaaa... it scared me. ha heehaw...

The picture below is BROOKLYN.
But every time I look at it I think Wyatt.  Right?
Here's Brooklyn too.
and I just had to throw in the picture below because of the scary face WYATT is giving... I think he is going to charge
at me in any minute and kill.
Dude CALM DOWN its just a dandelion. no reason to attack.


  1. That is so awesome - I had no idea the two super heroes hung out. I guess ya learn something new everyday. They look like they're having a blast!

  2. I LOVE the 3rd from the top...great action feel to it! The tone of your post makes me giggle...and I'm glad you said something about the boys looking so much alike, because for a second, I thought Wyatt had a twin you'd kept a secret!

  3. They really do look alike. These pictures are too cute!

  4. That was such a fun play-date!!! Pictures are so cute. I still haven't even looked at mine...Bleh! We need to get together again soon!!!!!!!!!

  5. Adorable photos. They do look alike.

  6. Adorable photos. They do look alike.


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