Monday, May 30, 2011

her house needs to smell purple.

Its been raining here non stop and in some parts snowing. Yes, we still are getting snow... Our ski resorts say that they will be opened on the 4th of July... That's just CRAZY.... plus they say that pretty soon the dam will overflow which will cause a TON of flooding. Eek... that is no bono.
And of course today I had to deal with the rain and do a PHOTO SHOOT anyway and by the end of it I was covered in mud.  COVERED people. Which was my fault because I slipped and fell straight into a mud pile. ha-ha... Good thing I was shooting my friends family or I would have died with embarrassment.
After that we went up to my mom's to have a nice family dinner plus to make "Welcome Home!" signs for my Sister who is on her Mission and will be coming home on Wednesday.
While I was there I took some pictures of my mom's lilacs that's on the side of her house and while I was taking the pictures Wyatt jumped in rain puddles and begged that we'd give grandma the lilacs.
"pleeease momma!"
"Why?" I asked
Grandma's LilacsGrandma's LilacsGrandma's LilacsGrandma's LilacsGrandma's LilacsGrandma's Lilacs
Cause her house "needs to smell purple."
Doesn't everyone's?


  1. I love lilac blossom too... a little goes a long way as it has a beautiful but powerful perfume.

  2. These pictures made me happy. So much beauty. And what a poetic little fellow you have there. haha, sweetie. (:

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  4. What a darling boy! I hope you're keeping a little journal of all of his sweet baby quotes!
    Oh, and your flower's like I was there! Beautiful!

  5. I REALLY like that last shot! These are beautiful!

  6. Love the photo of your son holding the lilacs! And the texture work in the last image is gorgeous.

    Happy Macro Monday!

  7. Love the one of your little son holding the lilacs...just precious.
    The entire series is lovely!!!

  8. I LOVE your blog. Your photos are amazing. I'm a new follower and can't wait to keep seeing what else you shoot and snap

  9. Nothing smells better than lilac!! Love the last shot with the textured background--very nice. Mickie :)

  10. So precious. I Louie the soft textures on these photos. Such pretty pictures.

  11. Your bokeh makes me swoon! So lovely!


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