Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Husband.

Four years ago today I was in an upstairs room surrounded by my sisters busily getting ready. We giggled at every little thing as we talked about what it will be like when I will be officially your wife and in the mist of all that I was nervous. I'd catch my reflection in the mirror and silently hold my breath.
scan0007scan0008scan0015  The time came when I was to walk down the aisle. As I slowly walked down the stairs I grasp the handle with all my might. Here I was almost 20 and I was about to married to the man of my dreams and I was scared.
Scared to death.
  scan0024 scan0018 scan0026
I looked at my Dad with tears in my eyes and I said "I don't know if I'm ready." He's reply "He's a good man, he will be a good husband and a wonderful father. you ARE ready. Just Breath."
I did just that....
I walked out into the court yard looking at nothing but you in your peach dress shirt and I smiled. I don't remember what was said all I know was that I said " I DO" and you did too we kissed and I was married. Married to you.
scan0033 scan0063scan0061scan0067   scan0056
The rest of the night was a blur we danced...
scan0075 scan0076
And celebrated this new life together.
wedding19 wedding21   wedding22                
Four years its been...
Four years of bliss, struggle, laughter, words not meant to be said, a child a beautiful child... and a ton of happiness and if I was forced to go back four years ago I know I would do everything in my power to make sure I still married you and had this exact life because four years ago I married the man of my dreams and to this day YOU STILL ARE THE MAN OF MY DREAMS. 
Happy Anniversary Babe.
I love and adore you.


  1. I totally just cried. Congrats girlfriend!

  2. This is so sweet. Made me all teary eyed. ;) Happy 4 years!

  3. Beautiful post!! Your wedding photos are gorgeous!

  4. I love these! Happy Anniversary!!


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