Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Breakfast Picnic

Remember how I Yelled at Wyatt to be brave and during that process I also told him about a breakfast picnic we’d have if he was just that… BRAVE.
That next morning I packed a bag full of drinks, treats, snacks and PB&J’s and we head to the park to have that morning picnic. As I laid out the blanket the light morning breeze blew and the damp wet grass tickled our toes. It was quite, no one was in site which is just the way I like it.
We filled our bellies with treats laughing at nothing and talking about how he slept all night (mostly) in his bed with his new friend “Turtle Wyatt.”
 breakfast picnic4breakfast picnicbreakfast picnic3breakfast picnic5breakfast picnic6breakfast picnic7
As we were finishing up eating a daddy long leg joined us on our blanket which of course made Wyatt a little unsure. I calmly told him how he was just a spider and he was more afraid of us then we are of him. Just as I said that Wyatt leaned over to look at him more closely and the spider quickly ran. Wyatt laughed and said “Mommy he no brave.” “nope.” I replied. He then stood up and put his hands on his chest and said in a deep growl of a voice “ME A BRAVE BIG BOY! HAHHAHAAA!” and ran toward the spider.
I couldn't help but laugh hysterically, obviously he learned what I was trying to get at the night before.
breakfast picnic11breakfast picnic12breakfast picnic13breakfast picnic9breakfast picnic15breakfast picnic14
We soon left the blanket and ventured out to the playground sliding down the slides and swinging on the BIG boy swings. Giggling the whole time.
He then turned toward me and said “Mom lets go over there.” pointing towards the wooded area. I question to make sure he truly wanted go into the area and with out hesitation he ran and I quickly ran after him.
breakfast picnic17breakfast picnic16breakfast picnic18breakfast picnic21breakfast picnic19breakfast picnic20breakfast picnic24breakfast picnic25breakfast picnic22
We found tree stumps, old cabins, sticks, worms, bugs and a baseball field. Wyatt then went and sat on the benches pretending to watch a baseball game with fireworks. We sat there for awhile watching as the pretend players hit the ball until one of the players hit it sooo far away that Wyatt excitedly jumped off the bench and fell head first on the cement below.
breakfast picnic23breakfast picnic29breakfast picnic28breakfast picnic27breakfast picnic26breakfast picnic30
I quickly picked him up and cuddle the tears away as I sung the “owie song” (its a song I made up just to sing when he gets hurt one day I will have to share it with you.)
His tears quickly went away…
breakfast picnic32breakfast picnic33breakfast picnic34
Then we went and had ice cream for lunch.


  1. That is wonderful that he is becoming so brave! I loved the part about him chasing the spider. Wonderful!

  2. That sounds like so much fun! :) Cute pictures!

  3. You are such a good Mommy! Love the fun Summer you are having with your baby : )

  4. That is wonderful that he is becoming so brave! I loved the part about him chasing the spider. Wonderful!


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