Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dude, Pick. either the dishes or the laundry.

Right now, my husband and I are in a little tiff about who is responsible for cleaning what. This has been an on going agreement ever since his lived with me. It goes like this.
Cody says “I work more hours then you so I don’t think I should have to do more around here.” We both have only 2 days off. His “more” hours consist of having a paper route in the morning for HIS extra cash like I have my photography on the side for MY extra cash. Plus I feel like I do more with the kid.
like feed him and bath him.
So we go back and forth about who should do the dishes, who should do the laundry, and clean the bathroom. He will say “you do them and I will put them away.” which I think is bull because I end up doing all the HARD work while he’d get to sit and then put them away. All I am asking from him is to do at least one job completely. So then I also have time to do the things I love.
But with all that being said I get why he also gets overwhelmed with me. Because I am the type of person who when I have a day off I don’t use it to catch up on the house work I use it to catch up on my time with Wyatt.
We have Wyatt dates.
Sunday I had the day off so we woke up early, ate breakfast and hurried to the only movie time they had for Winnie the Pooh. Wyatt sat next to me filling his belly with a huge bucket of popcorn and fishy gummies. He would laugh at the appropriate time which made me think about just how big he was getting.
Here I was with a two and half year old boy who acts like he is four. He understands, knows when to listen, and is potty trained plus holds conversations with me.
A year ago I craved for this type of interaction from him. I wanted these quite moments that we now have on these dates. I wanted the questions he asks, I wanted the quite giggles in the movies, I wanted the shirks of happiness when something excites him. But really honestly I just wanted the conversations.
Of course when I plan in my head for our date I think this (READ THIS HUSBAND) We will go to ________ , then I will come home and do the dishes and or laundry etc."
But once the main event is finished I then think this… “That was so fun what else could we do?” The dishes are put out of my mind and we just keep going on our date.
the “what else we could do” event we did Sunday was go to the aquarium.
WyattdatecopyWyattdate13copyWyattdate8copyWyattdate11copyWyattdate9copy Wyattdate10copy
Now I have known about this place for awhile but its like an hour drive away so we never gone before which I regret now.
This aquarium was small but a blast. We saw on ton of fishes, sea horses, snakes, frogs, bugs, jelly fish. but the main event were the penguins. They swam so fast jumping out of the water it was fantastic!
We ended up going through the aquarium 3 or 4 times but what was great that each time we went through it Wyatt got excited to see the same things that it was like he never saw them before it was fantastic!
So the dishes and laundry can wait because Wyatt will never be this age again. Ever. and I feel like it is more important to spend this type of time with him then it is to have a clean house.
Could I clean more and be less on the computer? Yes.
But husband could you help out more too? Yes.
So pick dude, laundry or dishes?


  1. your photos at the aquarium are awesome!! (ps - at least you can negotiate with your hubbie on home chores - mine simply states - housework is beneath me and refuses to do ANYTHING!)

  2. Lovely! I agree...the housework can wait!

  3. Your babies are only babies once, don't miss out just to do the laundry.  Look, if your house is better than the show Hoarders you're good to go :)  Seriously hubby needs to not stress out over clutter and dirty dishes right now; kids grow up so fast and in just a few more years Wyatt will have his own friends and be off doing his own thing and then you can clean your quiet lonely house.  For now enjoy every second you have together!!!! 

  4. These are all so gorgeous.  And all infused with happiness!

  5. Seriously, beautiful images...the aquarium can be a very challenging place to take photos & you did amazing on the these. I never would have thought to turn any b&w, but I absolutely love yours! :)

  6. You are so right, they grow so quick, spend as much time with him as you can. Housework can wait. Lovely images.

  7. First off. You & the little Wyatt man are soooo cute together! The aquarium shots are amazing! I totally agree w/ you, not just because I'm a mom, but that you two both workm & your time w/ Wyatt is way more important than the dishes getting done asap. With that being said... DUDE (hubby) pick the dishes or the laundry!!!  LOL. I feel ya!  Pick your battles, & compromise is my best advice. It takes two for compromise to work though. I need to take my own advice! Much luck mama!

  8. Ooooo... forgot to tell ya, I LOOOVE  that you made that shot your header! It just perfect!

  9. I am way impressed with your low light photos! Man I need a better camera with better ISO tolerance. Enjoyed going on your date with you and Wyatt. :)

  10. Loved the pics of you and your son.  And also, my husband and I have the same argument...and it always comes back to "our boy will only be little once.  Can't we just enjoy it and do the dishes when he's sleeping or in college?"

  11. Amazing captures!  So happy I stopped by your blog!  You've got quite an eye!


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