Friday, September 16, 2011

Cause you smell like poo

I'm sitting out side writing this on my ipad while Wyatt is playing in the sand box.

I like these mornings when I don't have a care in the world normally my mind wanders and I get lost in my imagination but just a moment ago I was interrupted by Wyatt declaring to me...

" mom I'm gonna be on a cooking show when I growed up."

"oh really what will you cook?" I reply

"poop cookies that smell like you."

I laugh and say "what why?"

"Cause I don't love you"

"you don't love me?"

" no no I do love you cause you smell like poo." then he laughs

Well at least he loves me. Right? But just in case I should go inside and take a shower because I really might smell like poo.


  1. LOL ,kids say the funniest things... :)

  2. Great title to the post! What is it with kids and all the talking they do about poo! I've got a 4yr old right now that sings songs about poo!

  3. I dont know but it is POO everything!


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